The State of XIoT Security Report: 1H 2022
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Powering the XIoT Ecosystem

Claroty has developed a thriving ecosystem of market leaders and their best-in-class tools in order to provide organizations with a unified, interconnected solution. The Claroty Technology Alliances Program (CTAP) offers a strategic means for like-minded companies to explore the latest innovations and tap into emerging market opportunities, as well as provide the best possible solutions to customers’ challenges. From visibility and detection through threat correlations and enforcement, Claroty’s Technology Alliance partnerships constitute a distinguished, market leading ecosystem that deliver high-value solutions.

Strategic Alliances

Claroty is committed to investing in our strategic alliance partners. We work together to transcend adoption barriers, ensure the interoperability of our solutions, and create new use-cases that drive customer value. As leaders in XIoT, our better together story frames the discussion around use cases underpinning the highest value best practices. 


All Technology Alliance Partners

Claroty’s Technology Alliance Partners (CTAP) each play an important role in the security ecosystem. Together, we work to deliver a complement of solutions that solve our customers’ most pressing security problems. We aim to simplify, eliminate the potential for redundant technology investments, and drive cross-functional collaborations that ensure program sustainability.


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