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Healthcare Cybersecurity

Powered by Medigate’s deep healthcare domain expertise, Claroty xDome for Healthcare empowers healthcare providers to reliably serve patients while safely protecting and securing all cyber-physical systems (CPS).

The Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenge

As the pace of connectivity in healthcare organizations is accelerating, clinical and non-clinical workflows become more reliant on new technologies, expanding attack surfaces and creating new exposures.

Claroty xDome for Healthcare is a purpose-built Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Protection Platform that:

  1. Reduces cyber-risk with actionable insights across exposure management, threat detection, and network protection solutions.

  2. Achieves faster time to value through in-depth device visibility and tailored discovery methods.

  3. Lowers total costs through a unified platform that consolidates the management, monitoring, and control of CPS devices.

Cyber-Physical Security in the Modern Healthcare Network

Explore the industry’s leading healthcare cybersecurity platform–enabling healthcare organizations to safely deliver connected care while enhancing efficiencies across the clinical environment.


In addition to medical devices, hospital environments consist of other CPS like building automation systems (BAS) that include their HVAC systems, electrical panels, fire safety systems, and more. Despite their importance to hospital operations, these devices can be major blind spots for traditional IT solutions and require a deeper level of asset visibility in order to secure them.


Backed by years of award-winning research across hundreds of device types and vendors, and a breadth of technology alliances with leading automation vendors and device manufacturers, Claroty xDome provides comprehensive cybersecurity controls for all cyber-physical systems (CPS) within the healthcare environment, not only medical devices. This is what enables Claroty to provide the broadest, built-for-CPS solutions in Exposure Management, Network Protection, Secure Access, and Threat Detection.

Protecting Building Management Systems

Medical device security is a fundamental gap in existing cybersecurity programs. While not traditionally managed  within IT processes and controls, the management of medical devices requires a strong effort between clinical engineering and IT security. Discrepancies in asset inventories, operating unsupported or legacy systems, or involvement in care delivery are hurdles that make securing these devices difficult. Additionally, medical device manufacturer guidance may be required in order to remediate exposures


Claroty xDome offers full program support for end-to-end medical device security. With strong asset visibility complete with device profiles that include clinical context, healthcare organizations can assess and prioritize medical device security risks that are most critical to maintain patient safety. Through comprehensive solutions in Exposure Management, Network Protection, Secure Access, and Threat Detection – Claroty xDome enables key manufacturer-issued guidance directly in the platform. From MDS2, SBOMs, and VEX files, the relevant OEM disclosures are available and supported to properly remediate. Claroty’s strong MDM alliances also enable you to get additional information and intervention as required.

Medical Device Security

Clinical engineering teams are responsible for maintaining their fleet of medical devices. However, the use of these devices in clinical workflows and the lack of comprehensive visibility into these devices and how they are operating leaves device owners susceptible to improperly maintaining devices –impacting their availability, efficiency, and patient safety.


Claroty xDome is a purpose-built healthcare CPS protection platform, enabling industry-leading asset visibility that augments clinical engineering team’s existing inventories and processes while ensuring device uptime, patient safety, and enabling preventative maintenance. Claroty xDome also includes rich operational intelligence on connected medical devices that helps drive device utilization, enhance patient throughput, and help inform future procurement decisions for imaging devices.

Optimizing Clinical Engineering Workflows

Many organizations attempt to employ existing IT security infrastructure in their CPS environment due to cost savings, simplicity purposes, and lack of expertise. However, several factors, including system fragility, unique architectures, proprietary protocols, and environmental and operational constraints, limit the usefulness and applicability of these tools for security use cases. As a result, they are generally neither practical nor fully effective in securing healthcare environments.


Claroty's unified platform consolidates the management, monitoring, and control of healthcare cybersecurity, enabling organizations to streamline cyber risk management, manage their security posture with a comprehensive, real-time view of their CPS environment. Claroty xDome extends existing security infrastructure by integrating into existing security solutions such as SIEMs, vulnerability management tools, and EDR solutions. Additionally, xDome integrates directly into existing CMMS to create a single, system-wide source of device information.

Extend existing security infrastructure

While most healthcare organizations have an overarching threat detection strategy in place, they lack the contextual clinical awareness to push through the noise, sort through false positives, and address the risks and threats most critical to clinical device workflows or patient care delivery.


Claroty xDome offers a purpose-built healthcare threat detection solution. As traditional IT processes and controls don’t always include full context as alerts and threats come in, the platform provides deep clinical awareness on known and unknown threats, enabling healthcare organizations to address the threats that pose a risk to patient care delivery.

Intrusion Detection

Increased malicious cyber activity over the last few years have put pressure on national and local governments to ramp up their regulatory guidance. Cybersecurity frameworks such as HHS Section 405(d), the European Union’s NIS2 directive, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP), are increasingly being leveraged to improve incident preparedness. Healthcare environments don’t always have the relevant processes and controls in place to properly abide by all regulations or properly perform audits.


Claroty xDome’s exposure management, network protection, and threat detection solutions support key industry best practices and guidance and map to many existing regulations to help healthcare systems maintain compliance. The platform also enables the creation of custom reports that can be scheduled and run automatically to keep stakeholders informed and/or to meet audit requirements.

Regulations and Compliance

Boosting Resilience for Healthcare Environments

CPS Risk Reduction

Enable healthcare organizations to operationalize in-depth insights about their environment to identify, assess, and prioritize risk - regardless of the scale or maturity of their cybersecurity program:

  • Assess exploitability and impact of risks with exposure management

  • Drive network protection with policy recommendations and strong NAC integrations

  • Detect known and unknown threats with clinically aware threat detection

  • Provide purpose-built secure access backed by in-depth asset profiles and policies

  • Improve operational efficiencies by monitoring utilization, location information, and status of devices.


Faster Time-to-Value

Quickly operationalize asset inventory and achieve an overall faster time-to-value through in-depth discovery, visibility orchestration, and end-to-end remediation. 

  • Employ multiple discovery methods to safely and effectively identify all assets across the healthcare network. 

  • Implement strong visibility orchestration with in-depth asset profiles that ultimately enable better risk reduction outcomes.

  • Utilize artificial intelligence to classify assets, provide security insights, and recommend risk reduction techniques

  • Alliances with leading medical device manufacturers enables efficient risk remediation with access to detailed  MDS2, SBOM, and VEX files.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Consolidate the management, monitoring, and control of CPS security while enabling organizations to streamline cyber risk management and manage their security posture with a comprehensive, real-time view. 

  • Eliminate the need to implement and maintain multiple point solutions with one unified platform. 

  • Minimize resource allocation and training requirements using a single-source-of-truth.

  • Improve operational efficiencies with in-depth device utilization and benchmarking insights


The CPS Protection Platform for Healthcare

The industry's purpose-built, modular, and SaaS-based healthcare cybersecurity platform that scales to protect your environment.

  • Extends cybersecurity across CPS  in healthcare: A broad range of devices ensure care delivery in your healthcare environment: from IV pumps and ultrasounds, to smart HVAC and lighting systems. The platform  secures them all.

  • Supports your full healthcare cybersecurity journey: Whether you want to automate asset discovery, combat zero-day attacks, or aren’t sure where to start, The platform  will support and grow with you on your entire journey.

  • Designed for scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use: As a SaaS solution with a flexible UI built to adapt to all IT, cybersecurity, biomedical, and executive needs, The platform deploys and scales effortlessly no matter the user or use case.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack: The platform extensive technical ecosystem integrations empower you to easily extend your existing security infrastructure to your healthcare environment.

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