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Team82 aligns with defenders of industrial, healthcare, and commercial networks, and provides indispensable threat and vulnerability research in order to ensure the safety, reliability, and integrity of systems within critical industries.

Vulnerability Dashboard

Team82 Disclosure Dashboard

Track all XIoT vulnerabilities disclosed by Team82, the industry’s best cybersecurity vulnerability and threat research team. Team82 finds software and firmware vulnerabilities before threat actors can exploit them.

Publication Date CVE ID Vendor Product
05-30-2024 CVE-2024-2422 LenelS2 NetBox
05-30-2024 CVE-2024-2421
LenelS2 NetBox
05-30-2024 CVE-2024-2420
LenelS2 NetBox
05-27-2024 CVE-2024-27776 MileSight DeviceHub
05-27-2024 CVE-2024-36388 MileSight DeviceHub
05-27-2024 CVE-2024-36389 MileSight DeviceHub
05-27-2024 CVE-2024-36390 MileSight DeviceHub
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Team82 has made a number of its research tools freely available for defenders and those in the cybersecurity research community. Find them all on the Team82 GitHub repository.


Arya produces pseudo-malicious files that trigger YARA rules.


Copy for tool: IDA plugin that automatically names functions based on their internal strings.

Busybox Fuzzing

BusyBox AFL fuzzing guide and multiple harnesses.

EtherNet/IP Stack Detector

EtherNet/IP & CIP Stack Detector that can help both cyber-security researchers, OT engineers, and asset owners to identify devices that are running a specific EtherNet/IP protocol stack.

MS Access Python Parser

A Python based parser for Microsoft Access database files.

OPC UA Fuzzer

OPC UA network fuzzer based on boofuzz.

About Team82

Team82’s XIoT cybersecurity research has contributed to a safer ecosystem where innovation can thrive, and safety and availability are paramount.

Disclosure Policy

Team82 is committed to privately reporting vulnerabilities to affected vendors in a coordinated, timely manner in order to ensure the safety of the cybersecurity ecosystem worldwide. To engage with the vendor and research community, Team82 invites you to download and share our Coordinated Disclosure Policy. Team82 will adhere to this reporting and disclosure process when we discover vulnerabilities in products and services.

Public Email & PGP Key

Team82 has also made its public PGP Key available for the vendor and research community to securely and safely exchange vulnerability and research information with us.

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