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Exposure Management for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Evolve from a traditional vulnerability management program to a broader, more dynamic program with our advanced exposure management for CPS environments.

The CPS Exposure Management Challenge

Critical infrastructure organizations struggle to balance reducing risk while managing the complexity of securing CPS environments. Here’s why:

CPS assets pose a higher impact risk 

Due to their unique nature and the critical environments in which they operate, CPS assets pose a higher impact risk in the event they are compromised.

CPS assets are difficult to identify

CPS are notoriously difficult to identify due to their use of unique and often proprietary communication protocols, sensitivity to unrecognized traffic and network scanners, and their overall inaccessibility to enterprise monitoring tools.

Addressing all CPS vulnerabilities requires granularity

Existing solutions cannot assess CPS risk in a granular-enough method to identify both remediable exposures from an internal viewpoint as well as actionable attack vectors from a potential attackers point of view.

CPS attack paths need active validation

Confirming the exploit viability of an exposure requires an intimate understanding of the CPS and network involved and is generally not included in the publication of vulnerabilities or other known exposures.

CPS security programs lack true mobilization

While current solutions may offer the technology for initial asset visibility and remediation, they lack the true mobilization of a CPS security program.

How Claroty Tackles the Exposure Management Challenge

Purpose-Built to Protect and Secure all CPS  

Claroty xDome is a purpose-built solution that includes all CPS devices in your exposure management program. The foundation of xDome is CPS Zone Management and superior asset visibility. This foundation helps scope your network to both secure areas that may be blindspots for traditional enterprise solutions and account for operational outcomes when prioritizing security controls.

Unmatched Discovery and Vulnerability Assessment

Claroty xDome employs multiple discovery methods to identify and profile all CPS on the network, maps their communication paths and protocol usage, attributes vulnerabilities, and monitors for threats, resulting in unique risk scores based on a transparent and uniquely tailored risk framework.

Supports Prioritization for Critical CPS Processes

Claroty xDome highlights specific attack vectors and assesses them based on their likelihood of being exploited, impact if exploited, and compensating controls that have been applied. Utilizing this information, the solution provides actionable recommendations and enables users to prioritize remediation efforts based on quantified outcomes.

Safely Validates Exposure Scenarios

Managing exposures goes beyond vulnerability management. If an exploit is not published, you may need to investigate via other means such as referring to VEX files, use active scanning techniques, or consult with an OEM to validate risk. Aside from enabling customers to upload their SBOMs and view relevant SBOMs from their peers, Claroty xDome supports VEX files to help eliminate false positives and also employs various other techniques, which highlight our intimate understanding of CPS assets.

Streamline Remediation and Program Mobilization

Claroty xDome integrates with the industry's leading IT cybersecurity, OT cybersecurity, and asset management solutions to streamline existing risk management processes. xDome also provides automated recommendations and detailed reporting in order to fully mobilize your overall cybersecurity program.

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