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Strengthening Commercial Operational Resilience

Claroty’s robust solutions for commercial help critical infrastructure organizations achieve operational resilience with an approach tailored to your priorities.

Your challenge

Equipment malfunctions, personnel errors, remote work limitations, cyber and physical threats, and other adverse conditions and occurrences are no match for operationally resilient organizations.

Not only do these organizations protect the availability, integrity, and safety of their commercial facilities — no matter the circumstances — they also drive efficiencies while minimizing exposure to operational risk. 

However, in our age of growing interconnectivity, achieving operational resilience is increasingly difficult. The growth of remote workforces, mounting pressure to rapidly modernize facilities, and the expansion of the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) are among many factors fueling a host of new operational risks and challenges for commercial enterprises globally.

Operational resilience and the XIoT

Operational resilience is key to the safety, efficiency, and continuity of commercial facilities and operations. Yet, organizations ranging from retailers to real estate corporations to data centers are finding that rising cyber-physical connectivity is making the requirements for operational resilience tougher than ever to attain.

Claroty - Cyber-Physical Systems Security Solution

1. Optimal asset management with a real-time inventory of XIoT assets

A critical necessity for operational resilience is a real-time inventory of XIoT assets that includes all details needed to effectively manage and  protect those assets.

2. Robust protection against outages due to known operational risk

Integral to minimizing operational risk is the ability to proactively manage risk factors such as EoL indicators and unmonitored remote access.

3. Change management processes that ensure safety and process integrity

Safety and process integrity depend on change management programs that continuously monitor and report on operations and changes.

Your Journey to Operational Resilience

Our experts have spent the past decade working closely with hundreds of customers across thousands of commercial facilities globally. We’ve learned there is no one-size-fits-all path to operational resilience, which is why we’ve designed our portfolio with the flexibility to support our customers’ unique needs. The following use cases are core to this journey.

Asset Discovery: Building Your Foundation for Operational Resilience

Asset discovery is fundamental to operational resilience. At Claroty, we settle for no less than a complete, real-time inventory of your XIoT assets — including each asset’s full details. Achieving this with Claroty entails:

Undergoing frictionless deployment and discovery 

No matter your infrastructure, regulatory requirements, or stance on the cloud versus on-premises debate, our deployment and asset discovery options will arm you with full visibility in no time, with no operational impact.

Magnifying the value of your XIoT asset inventory

Our integrations with backup & recovery, CMDB, version control, and other tools arm you to harness your asset inventory to further enhance existing workflows.

Asset Management: Maturing Your Operational Risk Posture

The comprehensive, centralized XIoT asset inventory we provide is your single source of truth for the details you need to execute the asset management use cases that reduce operational risk. These use cases include:

Automatically monitoring for asset updates 

We continuously monitor for vulnerabilities, outdated software, EOL indicators, and other changes so you can make the updates needed to preserve availability.

Streamlining SLA compliance

We make it easy to maintain and report on SLA compliance by equipping you with a fully automated and centralized inventory and reporting on all asset details.

Change Management: Improving Operational Safety and Integrity

What is the status of that BMS controller? Who was the last remote technician to work on that elevator? Which updates were made to that HVAC system? These types of questions are critical to safety, integrity, and ultimately resilience yet often tough to answer. We make it easy to get answers by:

Continuously monitoring assets and operations

New assets, configuration changes, and anomalies are among the many variables we continuously monitor to support your change management needs.

Extending the value of change management data

Our flexible reports streamline MoC reporting, and our integrations with version control, backup, and other tools to enhance your workflows.

Remote Access: Enabling Continuity without Compromise

Remote access is critical to continuity — yet traditional methods are risky and inefficient. As the only tool designed for industrial environments, Claroty xDome Secure Access eliminates these issues while supporting you by:

Perfecting the user and administrator experiences

xDome Secure Access not only mirrors each user’s on-premises workstation, but it also eliminates the hassles of jump servers, complex firewall configurations, and user provisioning.

Tightly controlling and securing all remote sessions

Granular controls, a secure architecture, and oversight of all internal and third-party remote users are among many ways in which xDome Secure Access minimizes operational risk.

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