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Boosting Commercial Cyber Resilience

Claroty’s robust solutions for industrial help critical infrastructure organizations achieve cyber resilience in the age of connectivity.

Your challenge

Cyber-resilient organizations not only survive adverse cyber conditions — they thrive in spite of them. Unfortunately, cyber resilience is growing increasingly out-of-reach across all sectors, including commercial enterprises.

The culprit is the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). Fueled by digital transformation, this vast cyber-physical web spans everything from the brownfield assets in your operational technology (OT) environment to the “smart” lightbulbs, HVAC systems, and even the internet-connected  vending machines at your facilities.

Despite its clear business benefits, this cyber-physical connectivity is also creating new security blindspots and a growing attack surface that poses considerable risk to the availability, integrity, and safety of commercial enterprise environments.

Cyber resilience and the XIoT

Achieving and maintaining cyber resilience amid the XIoT’s challenging security and risk conditions is far from impossible — but it does entail a robust set of requirements that simply cannot be satisfied by traditional solutions or generalized approaches.

Claroty - Building Management Systems (BMS) Cybersecurity

1. Ongoing security and compliance posture management

A must for managing security and compliance posture is a full inventory of assets, vulnerabilities, and risks enterprise-wide. This includes your OT environment, which is incompatible with standard inventory tools.

2. A zero trust security architecture

Core to minimizing cyber risk is a zero trust security architecture, which is crucial — yet often error-prone and resource-intensive to implement — for OT environments.

3. The ability to detect and mitigate threats before they impact operations

Proactive detection and response is notoriously difficult, but visibility limitations and escalating threat-actor interest amplify this difficulty for industrial organizations.

Your Journey to Cyber Resilience

Having built and optimized cyber risk management capabilities for hundreds of global organizations over the past decade, we at Claroty know firsthand what it takes to achieve cyber resilience as part of an commercial cybersecurity maturity journey. The following use cases show what this journey commonly looks like for our customers.

Asset Discovery: Building Your Foundation for Cyber Resilience

Asset discovery is the backbone of cyber resilience. We take this seriously, settling for no less than a complete, always up-to-date inventory of all your assets across the XIoT — including each asset’s full scope of identifiers and behavioral details. Achieving this visibility on your cyber resilience journey with Claroty typically entails:

Experiencing painless deployment and discovery 

No matter your infrastructure, regulatory requirements, or stance on the cloud versus on-premises debate, our deployment and asset discovery options will arm you with full visibility in no time with no operational impact.

Amplifying the value of your XIoT asset inventory

CMDB and asset management tools are among many with which our integrations enable you to harness your asset inventory to optimize workflows enterprise-wide.

A heat map depicting Effective Likelihood against Impact with numerical scores ranging from Very Low to Critical.

Exposure Management: Taking Control of Your Risk Ecosystem

Exposures prevail in OT environments due to their legacy systems and limited maintenance windows. We put a stop to this by validating exposures and focusing your prioritization on the real risks at hand. This encompasses:

Uncovering and remediating your risk blindspots

Beyond revealing exposures and informing mitigations, we integrate with orchestration tools to safely uncover IT risks in your OT environment.

Measuring and maturing your risk program

Granular KPIs and flexible reporting help you understand your cyber risk posture, inform decisions, and track progress.

Network Protection: Improving Your Cybersecurity Posture with Zero Trust

Network segmentation and secure remote access are zero trust controls deemed highly effective at improving the security posture of building management systems (BMS) and other cyber-physical systems. However, implementing such control can be challenging and costly. Fueled by our knowledge of OT remote access and XIoT assets, our platform helps you easily and cost-effectively embrace zero trust by:

Jumpstarting your network segmentation program

Our platform automatically creates and deploys policies that can be enforced by your existing infrastructure to jumpstart segmentation and protect your environment.

Securing and streamlining OT remote access

Built for OT’s security and operational needs, our remote access solution offers RBACs and a secure architecture with simple administration and an ideal user experience.

Threat Detection: Getting Ahead of Known and Zero Day Threats

No OT environment is immune to threats, so being able to detect and respond quickly and effectively when they surface is imperative. It is also difficult due to the unique specifications of these environments and the threats targeting them. Our cyber-resilient detection model tackles these challenges to give you an advantage over threats. Harnessing these capabilities includes:

Pinpointing and remediating attack vectors

As a key indicator of attack vectors in OT environments, communication with malicious entities is identified and blocked by our platform to boost your cyber resilience.

Extending your existing SOC capabilities to OT

Our ready-made integrations with SIEM, SOAR, and EDR tools make it easy to extend your existing SOC tech stack and capabilities to your OT environment

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