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Cyber Threat Detection for Commercial Environments

Our cyber-resilient detection model gets ahead of known and zero day threats giving you an advantage over targeted attacks.

The Commercial Threat Detection Challenge

No commercial environment is immune to threats, so being able to detect and respond effectively when they do surface is critical yet difficult due to:

Traditional Monitoring Tools are Incompatible

The proprietary protocols in operational environments are not compatible with traditional threat detection tools, rendering them ineffective and potentially disruptive.

Commercial Environments are Complex

The intricacy of multisite operational environments and their critical assets can make it difficult to identify potentially malicious deviations from accepted baselines.

Targeted Attacks are on the Rise

Commercial environments are increasingly targeted by malicious actors due to their growing XIoT attack surface, inherent insecurity, and downtime intolerance.

Expertise and SOC Functional Gaps

Many security operations center (SOC) teams are trained to detect and respond to IT-centric incidents but lack the domain-specific knowledge and tools needed to defend commercial environments.

How Claroty Tackles the Commercial Threat Detection Challenge

Offers Purpose-Built Monitoring for Industrial Environments

Detecting all manner of threats that can impact commercial environments requires multiple approaches. Recognizing these challenges, we designed our portfolio to be both suitable for the broad spectrum of threats our customers face and fast and painless to deploy. Configured by default, each of our five detection engines serves a specific purpose and provides a distinct advantage against all manner of threats.

Streamlines Threat Alerting and Minimizes False Positives

The inherent complexity and diversity of assets, systems, and processes in commercial environments makes threat monitoring uniquely prone to false positives. Claroty automatically weeds out these false positives and consolidates all interrelated events into a single alert. Not only does this approach help optimize your prioritization and response, but it also reduces alert fatigue and gives you more time to focus on the threats that matter most.

Easily Identifying and Remediating Attack Vectors

One of the clearest indicators of potentially threatening activity in your commercial environment is communication between a commercial asset and an external malicious IP address. Our portfolio’s Network Policy Management capability makes it easy to alert on such communications and then automatically define and enforce policies to prevent future violations, thereby eliminating this type of attack vector.

Seamlessly Extends Existing SOC Capabilities

Claroty’s vast technical ecosystem includes ready-made integrations with the types of tools your SOC likely already uses: from EDR platforms, to SOAR solutions, to SIEMs. By seamlessly connecting our portfolio’s threat monitoring capabilities with your existing tech stack, our portfolio enables you to bridge the IT-Commercial expertise gap and empower your SOC to confidently and effectively monitor and manage all threat alerts from across your organization’s entire environment — all on a single pane of glass within their existing tools.

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