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Network Protection for Commercial Environments

Our solutions help improve your organization's cybersecurity posture by implementing Zero Trust controls.

The Commercial Network Protection Challenge

Network segmentation and secure remote access are Zero Trust controls that help protect commercial environments yet are difficult to implement due to:

Segmentation Policies are Error-Prone

Effectively segmenting commercial networks can be a tedious, error-prone process that entails defining and constantly tuning policies to your unique environment.

Compliance is Inconsistently Enforced 

Monitoring and ensuring compliance with regulatory and organizational measures requires granular, properly tuned policies that many organizations lack.

Unsecured Remote Access is Widespread

All commercial environments rely on remote access to enable both internal and third-party personnel to maintain assets, but common practices are risky and inefficient.

How Claroty Tackles the Commercial Network Protection Challenge

Jumpstarts and Optimizes Network Segmentation

Beginning a segmentation program for your commercial environment inevitably entails facing the challenges of determining which policies to define and how, as well as which technologies — whether firewalls, NACs, or others — to use to enforce those policies. Claroty’s Network Policy Management capability solves these challenges by using our domain expertise to recommend segmentation policies that you can easily and automatically enforce via your existing infrastructure to protect your environment.

Automates Policy Compliance Monitoring

Your environment is likely urged or mandated to comply with various policies to help reduce risk. Understanding your compliance status entails understanding how the assets and users in your environment should and should not communicate under normal circumstances. Claroty’s Network Policy Management was designed to address these needs via our expert-defined policies and continuous monitoring that alert you on and make recommendations for addressing every policy violation.

Secures, Controls, and Streamlines Remote Access

Although it is integral to cyber resilience and operational continuity — remote access to commercial environments is inherently risky and efficient via standard methods. You have little to no control over which users can access which access, when, for what purpose, and whether any mistakes were made. As the only remote access tool designed specifically for commercial environments, Claroty xDome Secure Access eliminates these issues while supporting all of your use cases by tightly controlling, monitoring, and securing all remote sessions.

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