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Boosting Healthcare Cyber Resilience

Medigate is a comprehensive, scalable solution, purpose-built to help your healthcare delivery organization achieve cyber resilience.

Your Challenge

As healthcare rapidly adapts to the reality of digital transformation, cybersecurity has become a key part of keeping our hospitals online and serving our communities.

Cyber-resilient healthcare organizations work to secure their devices before a cyber incident can occur, quickly respond to threats and have all the data they need for accurate forensics after an event.

Cyber-resilient organizations will thrive while delivering care.

Cyber Resilience and The XIoT

Every day, unique devices are connected to hospital networks, bringing new risks and concerns to manage. Achieving and maintaining cyber resilience will deliver:

Medigate by Claroty – IoMT Healthcare Device Cybersecurity Solution

1. Complete visibility and accurate profiling of all connected devices

It’s crucial to understand the full scope of all connected devices within your organization’s XIoT to effectively plan and prioritize your cyber resilience strategy.

2. Customized assessment of your unique risk, vulnerability, and segmentation needs

Every hospital is different, and your approach to managing risk, securing vulnerabilities, and achieving network segmentation should reflect situational factors unique to your environment.

3. Consistent maintenance and optimization of the cyber-resilient hospital

Working toward a future where the cyber and physical worlds safely connect to deliver reliable, world-class healthcare is an ongoing endeavor. We’re in it for the long haul to guide you along the way.

Your Journey to Cyber Resilience

With digital transformation and the rise of the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT), the threats to healthcare are continuously evolving. Medigate helps organizations improve their cyber resilience to prepare, respond, and recover effectively to this dynamic threat landscape.

Device Discovery and Accurate Profiling

Medigate delivers comprehensive, enterprise-wide asset visibility and communication profiling across XIoT of connected devices within healthcare technology networks.

Accurate profiles for all connected devices

With Claroty, every device connected to your environment has a complete, granular profile — all the way down to specific attributes, such as exact model, software version, and configuration details.

Alerts and anomaly detection

Claroty’s contextualized alerting capabilities cut through the noise of false positives to ensure you’re aware of any meaningful change to normal communication or device behavior.

Likelihood Risk Factors Distribution Chart - Effect on Total Risk

Exposure Management

Medigate identifies exposures present within your healthcare environment and provides you with the insights needed to prioritize risk remediation efforts.

  • Identify vulnerabilities and other exposures in medical devices and assess their risk through a customized risk framework.

  • Prioritize and implement mitigation efforts based on contextualized device-risk remediation guidance.

  • Achieve continuous security posture management and compliance.

Network Protection

Medigate supports network segmentation through tailored recommendations to enable a Zero Trust architecture for healthcare devices.

Specific security policy recommendations

With Medigate, you can deploy a customized, clinically-aware segmentation policy that can be implemented without disrupting patient care.

Meaningful partner integrations

The breadth and depth of Medigate’s technology partner network enable you to integrate accurate device data across the whole security technology stack.

Medigate by Claroty Demo

Want to gain full visibility into your healthcare network?

Likelihood Risk Factors Distribution Chart - Effect on Total Risk
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