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Network Protection for Healthcare

Harness expert-defined policies and granular access controls to embrace network segmentation and Zero Trust.

The Healthcare Network Protection Challenge

With so many different types of devices, HDOs struggle to keep them properly segmented for maximum security. Ensuring accurate device segmentation and communication monitoring is essential, but difficult for these reasons:

Accurate Policy Enforcement 

It can be hard to enforce segmentation policy for fear of disrupting devices that support patient care

Identity Driven Policies

It can be difficult to accurately know what each connected device is and how they should communicate.

Abnormal Network Traffic Alerting

It can be challenging to manage alerts about device network behavior without accurate device details and a baseline of allowed behavior.

How Medigate Tackles the Network Protection Challenge for Healthcare

Security Policy Recommendations

With an accurate device profile, network segmentation becomes a powerful tool. Applying the right policy to the proper device improves the overall security posture of the HDO.

Enforcement Impact Simulation

Managing to keep devices online and secure is a tricky balance. By simulating the impact of segmentation policies, HDOs can confidently achieve both security and uptime goals.

Meaningful Partner Integrations

Defense in depth relies on multiple tools, so interoperating with the best-of-breed is necessary for HDOs. Accurate device profiles improve security enforcement at all levels of integration. Bi-directional integrations ensure this value is realized.

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