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Network Protection for Healthcare Environments

Harness expert-defined policies and granular access controls to embrace network segmentation and policy enforcement.

The Healthcare Network Protection Challenge

Combining connectivity with the unique complexities of healthcare environments can have serious implications for these reasons:

Inability to Identify Policies

Lack of visibility or clinical expertise makes it difficult to know what each connected device is and how they should communicate. Without the ability to enforce clinically-vetted network policies, HDOs struggle to protect the privacy and availability of operations without impacting care.

Lack of Accurate Policy Enforcement

The typical policies and responses used to mitigate risks within healthcare networks can cause more harm than good. Security infrastructure in place often lacks visibility and expertise to consider the clinical impact of policies and remediation actions.

Abnormal Network Traffic Alerting

With so many unidentified devices in the healthcare environment, it is challenging to manage alerts about device network behavior without accurate device details and behavioral baselines.. HDOs also lack the knowledge and solutions to accurately detect and respond to suspicious medical device communications.

How Claroty Tackles the Network Protection Challenge for Healthcare

Network Policy Recommendations

Applying the right policy to the proper device improves the overall security posture for HDOs. The Medigate Platform provides out-of-the-box network security policy recommendations that incorporate clinical context and integrate with leading security tools.

Enforce Network Policies

HDOs can dynamically assign network policies for clinical devices based on user-defined device groups, observed traffic, and contextualized recommendations. This policy enforcement will allow your organization to balance security and accessibility without disruption to patient care.

Meaningful Partner Integrations

Medigate has partnerships and meaningful integrations with industry-leading security tools. This bi-directional communication increases visibility across your hospital network.

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Want to gain full visibility into your healthcare network?

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