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The CPS Network Protection Challenge

Combining connectivity with the unique complexities of CPS environments can have serious implications. Challenges in network protection include:

Lack of Network Visibility

Lack of visibility makes it difficult to know what each connected device is and how they communicate. Network protection requires complete visibility of devices and communications.

Compliance is Inconsistently Enforced

Monitoring and ensuring compliance with regulatory and organizational measures requires granular, properly tuned policies that many organizations lack.

Segmentation Policies are Error-Prone

Effectively segmenting CPS networks can be a tedious, error-prone process that entails defining and constantly tuning policies to your unique environment.

How Claroty Tackles the CPS Network Protection Challenge

Jumpstarts and Optimizes Network Segmentation

Beginning a segmentation program for your CPS environment inevitably entails facing the challenges of determining which policies to define and how, as well as which technologies — whether firewalls, NACs, or others — to use to enforce those policies. Claroty takes the guesswork out of network segmentation by leveraging domain expertise and asset visibility to automatically define and recommend network zones for communication policies. This zone-based approach simplifies the process of monitoring, refining, and enforcing communication policies through existing security infrastructure.

Simulates Policies for Network Optimization

Claroty takes the guesswork out of defining and tuning communication policies to your unique environment by recommending and simulating policies. This allows you to see the potential impact to your environment and risk posture before they are enforced through your existing infrastructure.

Automates Policy Compliance Monitoring

Your environment is likely urged or mandated to comply with various policies to help reduce risk. Understanding your compliance status entails understanding how the assets and users in your environment should and should not communicate under normal circumstances. Claroty’s Network Security Management was designed to address these needs via our expert-defined policies and continuous monitoring that alert you on and make recommendations for addressing policy deviations.

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