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Platform Overview

Claroty xDome

The CPS Cybersecurity Challenge

The pace of automation and connectivity within manufacturing and other critical infrastructure sectors is accelerating. As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation they face growing complexity in protecting their cyber-physical systems (CPS) amid expanding threat activity by malicious cyber actors. Due to their unique architectures, proprietary protocol usage, and environmental and operational constraints, existing IT solutions fall short when protecting CPS. Additionally, deploying and integrating various point products for CPS increases both cost and complexity. Industrial organizations require a comprehensive platform that delivers critical business outcomes including the reduction of CPS risk, faster time to value, and a lower total cost of ownership — this is where Claroty xDome comes in.

Claroty’s xDome allows users to manage, monitor, and control their CPS security solutions within a unified platform–making it easier for organizations to streamline risk management, apply network-based security controls, respond to threats, and manage their overall security posture with a comprehensive view of their CPS environment in real-time. xDome is a modular, SaaS platform supporting the following CPS cybersecurity solutions:

  • Asset Discovery & Asset Management

  • Exposure Management

  • Network Protection

  • Threat Detection

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