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Claroty xDome

This data sheet details Claroty xDome: a modular, SaaS-powered industrial and commercial cybersecurity platform that scales to protect your environment and fulfill your goals as they evolve.

After discovering, enriching, and profiling all XIoT assets across the industrial environment, Claroty xDome empowers organizations to streamline asset and change management. Through robust role-based access controls organizations can automate asset management workflows by specific users and groups, saving administration time and reducing maintenance windows for operations personnel. xDome equips users with the tools needed to manage a broad range of asset needs:

  • Monitor for asset updates: xDome continuously monitors for vulnerabilities, outdated software, EoL indicators, and other changes requiring updates to help preserve asset availability

  • Streamline SLA compliance: xDome makes it easy to identify and report on the SLA compliance status of specific assets through availability,location data, and custom-defined attributes

  • Identify asset changes: Additions to the network, configuration changes, and anomalies are some of the many variables monitors by xDome to support MoC programs

  • Support audit requests: Advanced reporting capabilities and integrations with version control and backup tools enhance stakeholder communication through xDome.

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