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Strengthening Healthcare Operational Resilience

Medigate helps healthcare delivery organizations achieve operational resilience by optimizing quality of care in the age of connectivity.

Your Challenge

The Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) challenges operational resilience in healthcare. As more specific medical devices are connected to the network, it becomes more difficult to track how well they are being used.

Operationally resilient HDOs can use data to inform their device life-cycle decisions and maximize the value these critical devices bring to their organization.

In achieving operational resilience, HDOs understand how well their devices are being used and achieve maximum value from every medical device.

Operational resilience and the XIoT

Powered by Medigate’s purpose-built technology and deep domain expertise, Claroty empowers healthcare providers with the following capabilities that enable operational resilience:

Cyber Patient Safety and Medical Device Effectiveness

1. Dynamically manage device inventory

The fast pace of device workflows requires an adaptable approach to maintaining an accurate inventory.

2. Track device location and understand utilization

Know where a specific device is and how often it is being used to support all life-cycle functions.

3. Achieve improved device operations and ROI

Leverage accurate data to improve all life-cycle decisions and capital planning.

Your Journey to Operational Resilience

Leveraging an accurate and detailed device data platform empowers HDOs at all steps of the device life cycle.

Up-To-Date Device Inventory

Many HDOs use manual data collection to maintain an accurate inventory, but this process has many gaps. They need a streamlined and automated process to collect the data they require.

CMMS Integration

All device workflows are usually managed in the CMMS, which requires accurate data to ensure the right work is done on the proper device.

Device Alerting

With the right data, tracking knows issues, recalls, or vulnerabilities can be streamlined and the most important work can be prioritized.

Dynamic Location

Finding a missing medical device is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Using location data makes the haystack a lot smaller.

Know where devices currently are

Locate every connected device quickly so you can keep them in service and available for patient care. 

Maintain adequate PAR-levelling

Since patient care depends on these devices, location reporting helps ensure that enough of them are available when the front-line care team needs them

Accurate Utilization Tracking

Medical device utilization is a key metric in holistic planning which can improve the data set HDOs use to make device life-cycle decisions.

Improved device return on investment

With never-ending requests to purchase more devices, accurate data helps balance the needs of front-line care teams with the realities of actual device utilization.

Alternative equipment maintenance

When applicable, performing preventative maintenance on devices based on ‘run-time’ can ensure devices are compliant without compromising availability.

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