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Device Location for Healthcare

Medigate provides advanced details on device location, risk, and other related data to drive decisions about patching, recalls, and inventory benchmarking.

The Healthcare Device Location Challenge

Front-line care teams rely on being able to find devices when they need them. Unfortunately, they run into these challenges:

Device Hoarding

Front-line teams will hide devices in obscure places to ensure they are available for patient care. Many times, these devices go missing and must be found by Biomed.

Finding Specific Devices for Preventative Maintenance

Finding the last few devices that need preventative maintenance can take hours of manual searching throughout the entire hospital.

Out-of-Compliance Devices Still in Use for Patient Care

When devices are lost or missing, they do not get the required updates and services. Using these devices for patient care is risky and should be avoided.

How Medigate Tackles the Device Location Challenge for Healthcare

Locate Lost & Missing Devices

By tracking the physical location, it becomes easier for Biomed teams to find the specific device they are looking for, especially those that are lost or missing.

Efficient Preventative Maintenance

Reducing the time spent searching for applicable devices through accurate location speeds up the preventative maintenance schedule and returns the device back to the front lines quickly.

Safe Devices for Patient Care

With improved location reporting, the overall device life-cycle is improved. This results in more devices being available, compliant, and effective at delivering patient care.

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