The State of XIoT Security Report: 1H 2022
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Claroty xDome for Commercial

Claroty xDome is a highly flexible solution that covers your entire commercial cybersecurity journey.

Key Benefits of xDome

xDome is a modular, SaaS-powered commercial cybersecurity platform that scales to protect your facilities, address your use cases, and fulfill your goals as they evolve.

Extends cybersecurity across your commercial XIoT

A range of assets across the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) underpin your commercial environment: from building management system (BMS) controllers to HVAC and lighting systems to “smart” elevators, xDome secures them all.

Supports your full commercial cybersecurity journey

Whether you want to automate asset discovery, combat zero-day attacks, or aren’t sure where to start, xDome will support and grow with you along your entire XIoT cybersecurity journey.

Designed for scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use

As a SaaS solution with a flexible UI built to adapt to all facilities, security, and executive needs, xDome deploys and scales effortlessly no matter the user or use case.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack

xDome’s extensive technical ecosystem empowers you to easily extend your existing security and operational infrastructure to your commercial environment.

Asset Discovery with xDome

A comprehensive XIoT asset inventory is foundational to your commercial cybersecurity journey. Not only does xDome deliver this, but it is also the only SaaS solution to offer multiple asset discovery methods. This empowers you to gain visibility your way, based on what’s best for your unique environment. These methods — which include passive discovery, our patent-pending Edge collector, and various third-party integrations — can be combined or used individually based on your needs.

Asset Management with xDome

After discovering, enriching, and inventorying all assets across the XIoT of your entire commercial environment, xDome streamlines asset management. Specifically, the solution equips you to harness in-depth asset insights and an enriched configuration management database (CMDB) to monitor for maintenance issues and necessary updates, enable SLA compliance, support audit requests, and drive workflow and supply chain efficiencies.

Vulnerability & Risk Management with xDome

xDome automatically correlates every asset across the XIoT with the latest vulnerability findings from our award-winning Team82 researchers, as well as from  our vast database of CVEs and other weaknesses. For each vulnerability xDome identifies, custom risk scoring optimizes your prioritization efforts. The solution also integrates with orchestration tools to help you to safely uncover IT risk blindspots in your commercial environment.

Network Protection with xDome

Backed by Claroty’s deep domain expertise, xDome leverages the visibility it provides into assets and communication flows across the XIoT to automatically define and recommend network policies. The solution then makes it easy for you to monitor, refine, and automatically enforce these policies with your existing firewalls, switches, or network access control (NAC) solutions. In doing so, xDome empowers your team to start or enhance segmentation projects and implement a Zero Trust security architecture to better protect your environment.

Threat Detection with xDome

Recognizing the rising frequency and impact of threats targeting commercial environments, xDome embraces a resilient detection model to continuously monitor your environment for the earliest indicators of both known and emerging threats. All alerts are contextualized to optimize response and remediation before a threat can impact operations. xDome also integrates with SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and various other SOC technologies.

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