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The CrowdStrike-Claroty Alliance

CrowdStrike and Claroty have teamed up to further secure the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) by bringing unified visibility, both network and endpoint protection, and enhanced detection and response capabilities to all cyber-physical systems (CPS).

About the Partnership

Digital transformation is rapidly shifting the security posture of industrial, healthcare, and commercial organizations by fueling connectivity between once-isolated OT and clinical environments and their IT counterparts. As a result, IT security leaders are increasingly responsible for securing these critical cyber-physical systems (CPS) but often lack the requisite visibility, domain expertise, and purpose-built technology.

Claroty and CrowdStrike are filling this gap with our range of integrated and complementary solutions that extend visibility and security across the XIoT — all while boosting the ROI of customers' existing investments.

Inside the CrowdStrike-Claroty Alliance

Hear from Claroty's Vice President of Technology Alliances, Stephan Goldberg, about what makes our partnership with CrowdStrike truly unique.

Key Benefits for CrowdStrike & Claroty Customers

Together, Claroty and CrowdStrike provide unmatched visibility, protection, and monitoring for all OT, IoT, IoMT, and IT assets in industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments. Key benefits for joint customers include:


Gain unified, real-time visibility across the XIoT by automatically discovering and profiling all connected assets and systems in your industrial, healthcare, and/or enterprise environments.


Easily understand and prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities affecting XIoT assets, map their communications, and extend network- and endpoint-based protective controls across the XIoT.

Detect & Respond

Continuously monitor network and endpoint sources across the XIoT while arming security teams with the context they need to optimize their response efforts and rapidly neutralize threats.

The CrowdStrike-Claroty Joint Portfolio

The CrowdStrike-Claroty joint portfolio encompasses a broad range of technical integrations and complementary solutions, all of which aim to empower our joint customers to secure the XIoT via the full endpoint-network journey. Core offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:


Claroty Edge, our patented collection method, delivers easy and non-disruptive visibility into all XIoT assets in any environment in just minutes without any additional hardware or configuration.

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Claroty xDome, our CPS security platform, enriches all XIoT assets with risk, CVE, and EoL details, creates policies that can be enforced by Falcon Firewall Management, and detects anomalies.

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Falcon Firewall Management

CrowdStrike's Falcon Firewall Management optimizes network protection by streamlining the management and enforcement of firewall policies — including those from Claroty xDome.

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Falcon Insight

CrowdStrike's Falcon Insight EDR module continuously analyzes endpoint activity, enabling it to detect and prevent threats in real-time. It also feeds this information into xDome to further extend XDR across the XIoT.

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