The State of XIoT Security Report: 1H 2022
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Claroty Edge is a uniquely fast and easy yet powerful solution that grants full visibility into industrial environments.

Key Benefits

Powered with patent-pending technology, Edge was created by our in-house innovation team to tackle evolving cybersecurity needs and challenges across industrial sectors globally

Builds the foundation for cybersecurity maturity

The in-depth XIoT asset, risk, and vulnerability details Edge provides is foundational to all other phases of your industrial cybersecurity maturity journey.  

Supports multi-disciplinary use cases

The speed and ease with which Edge operates makes it suitable to support a range of multidisciplinary use cases: from incident response, to audits, to M&A due-diligence.

Requires zero network changes or hardware

Since Edge leverages your existing infrastructure and is safe and compatible with all environments, you won’t need to purchase hardware or make changes to utilize it.

Offers unmatched time-to-value

Five-to-ten minutes is the average amount of time it takes to deploy, run, and gain full visibility into all assets, risks, and vulnerabilities in your environment with Edge.

Asset Discovery with Edge

Claroty Edge enables you to gain complete, near instant visibility into all managed and unmanaged XIoT assets within your operational environment, creating a strong foundation for effective industrial cybersecurity and the ability to support a broad range of related capabilities such as risk management, audit and compliance reporting, M&A due diligence, and incident response.

Vulnerability & Risk Management with Edge

Easily identify and manage the risks and vulnerabilities–such as missing patches, asset end-of-life indicators, and CVEs–affecting your managed and unmanaged assets. All vulnerabilities are automatically evaluated and scored based on the risks they pose to your network, enabling more efficient and effective remediation efforts.

Audit, Compliance, & Due Diligence with Edge

Easily, quickly, and effectively support audit requests and report compliance for your industrial network, resulting in greater confidence in your reporting, a reduced risk of failed audits, and stronger compliance and overall security posture.

Incident Response with Edge

Immediately arm responders with a full inventory and risk and vulnerability assessment of the compromised environment, thereby optimizing incident response efforts including impact assessments, scoping, and forensics for industrial networks.

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Want to gain full visibility into your XIoT environment in less than 10 minutes?

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