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Ecosystem Enrichment

Collection Method Overview

As one of Claroty’s five collection methods, Ecosystem Enrichment uses our vast technical ecosystem of integrations with CMDB, EDR, and dozens of other tools to extend the value of customers’ existing investments while offering enhanced visibility of the XIoT assets across their industrial environments.

About Ecosystem Enrichment

Claroty's Ecosystem Enrichment collection method enhances and unifies visibility of XIoT assets and related insights by empowering customers to capitalize on the rich information harbored within their existing CMDB, disaster recovery, EDR, and other cybersecurity and operational technologies.

This method seamlessly complements our other methods, reflecting two key tenets of our industrial cybersecurity portfolio:

First, Claroty recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all path to asset discovery because each customer, environment, and cybersecurity journey is unique.

Second, we also recognize that achieving complete, real-time visibility into any industrial environment almost always requires leveraging not only Ecosystem Enrichment or any other singular collection method but a combination of multiple methods. This limitation isn't a weakness of our technology — it’s a vendor-agnostic reality of collection itself.

It’s also why Claroty is proud to be the only vendor to offer a whopping five highly flexible, mix-and-match collection methods designed to empower you to gain full visibility into all XIoT assets in your industrial environment, your way.

Key Benefits of Ecosystem Enrichment

Recognizing that most of our industrial cybersecurity customers already rely on well-established technologies and workflows across multiple security and operational functions, we developed Ecosystem Enrichment as a robust collection method that both seamlessly integrates with — and enhances our customers' value from — these existing resources. Key benefits include:

Unified XIoT Visibility

From plant managers, to network administrators, to security operations center teams, to procurement specialists, and more — numerous business functions require an up-to-date, enterprise-wide asset inventory to execute their essential workflows, yet few manage to truly attain it. Ecosystem Enrichment helps banish these siloes by correlating and centralizing the rich information harbored within these functions' existing tools to deliver a unified, single source of truth for all IT-XIoT asset details.

Stronger XIoT Protection

Beyond enhancing XIoT visibility, many of the integrations that underpin Ecosystem Enrichment also extend added protective controls across the XIoT. Claroty's extensive joint portfolios with endpoint protection leader CrowdStrike and version control innovator Auvesy, for example, each offer plug-and-play integrations that not only enrich and reconcile XIoT asset inventories but also boost protection against IT-XIoT threats while optimizing disaster recovery capabilities, among others.

Unmatched ROI, TCO, and TTV

While the enhanced XIoT visibility and protection provided by Ecosystem Enrichment are notable in themselves, another key differentiator of this collection method is its ability to deliver added value across the business. Since this method relies on (and derives greater value from) customers' existing investments, it thereby increases the value of those investments without burdening users with complex learning curves. The result is better protection and a more efficient workforce at a reduced cost.

Top Integrations for Ecosystem Enrichment

Claroty's vast technical ecosystem comprises dozens of technologies that integrate seamlessly with our xDome and CTD solutions to deliver the added visibility, protection, and business value that set Ecosystem Enrichment apart. Key integration and joint solution partners, among many others, include:


Together, Claroty and CrowdStrike are providing unified visibility, protection, and monitoring for all XIoT assets in industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments via our joint portfolio.


Our industrial cybersecurity portfolio's numerous native, bidirectional integrations with ServiceNow's CMDB and Vulnerability Response are key to Ecosystem Enrichment.

Rockwell Automation

Integrating seamlessly with Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk AccentCentre solution enables our industrial cybersecurity portfolio to equip customers with unified XIoT visibility and enhanced backup and recovery capabilities.


Auvesy's Versiondog change management solution integrates seamlessly and bidirectionally with our industrial cybersecurity portfolio, empowering our joint customers with even greater, centralized visibility into their XIoT assets and more efficient, effective change management and disaster recovery capabilities.

Our Industrial Products that offer Ecosystem Enrichment

Claroty xDome

Claroty xDome is a highly flexible, modular, SaaS-based platform that supports all use cases and capabilities across your entire industrial cybersecurity journey.

Claroty CTD

Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) is a robust industrial cybersecurity platform that supports on-premise deployments without compromise.

Learn about our other Collection Methods

Ecosystem Enrichment is only one of the five highly flexible, mix-and-match collection methods that we offer our industrial cybersecurity customers. Our others include:

Passive Monitoring

Claroty’s unique approach to Passive Monitoring, the most common collection method for industrial asset discovery and anomaly detection, offers continuous visibility with cybersecurity and operational monitoring across OT environments.

Safe Queries

Safe Queries, which are Claroty’s differentiated approach to active scans, send highly targeted queries to segments of the OT environment to identify and enrich the assets present — all with unmatched precision and no risk of disruption.

Project File Analysis

Pioneered by Claroty, project file analysis discovers and enriches assets in a rapid, highly effective, non-intrusive manner by parsing the configuration and other project files typically stored on workstations in OT environments.

Claroty Edge

Claroty Edge is a unique method that uses our patented technology to deliver easy and non-disruptive — yet comprehensive — visibility into all types of assets in OT environments in just minutes without any additional hardware or configuration.

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