The State of XIoT Security Report: 1H 2022
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Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD)

Claroty CTD is a robust solution that delivers comprehensive cybersecurity controls for commercial facilities and operational environments.

Key Benefits of CTD

As Claroty’s first-ever solution, Claroty CTD has earned widespread acclaim among industrial cybersecurity decision-makers and asset owners for its robust capabilities.

Tailored to commercial cybersecurity needs 

CTD isn’t another generic solution. It was purpose-built by experts intimately familiar with the unique security and operational needs of commercial environments.

Suitable for all goals & maturity levels 

No matter whether you’re new to cybersecurity or seeking to optimize an existing program, CTD will meet you wherever you are on your maturity journey.

Supports on-premise deployment preferences

Recognizing that not all organizations are ready or able to embrace SaaS solutions, CTD supports on-premises deployments without compromising on ease or flexibility.

Integrates Seamlessly with Claroty SRA

CTD's native integration with Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) enables response and remediation for incidents related to remote user activity.

Asset Discovery with CTD

Effective commercial cybersecurity starts with knowing what needs to be secured. CTD leverages the broadest and deepest commercial protocol coverage in the industry and unmatched Passive, Active, and AppDB discovery capabilities to provide comprehensive commercial visibility via a highly detailed, centralized inventory of all XIoT assets. Claroty is the only vendor that offers this caliber of visibility across the three dimensions integral to effective risk assessment and reduction: asset, session, and processes visibility.

Network Protection with CTD

The extensive visibility CTD provides enables it to automatically map and virtually segment commercial networks into Virtual Zones, or logical groups of assets that communicate with one another under normal circumstances. These Virtual Zones enable further features such as empowering CTD’s threat detection capabilities with cross-zone communication violation alerts and integrations with existing firewall and NAC solutions to enforce policy-based segmentation.

Vulnerability & Risk Management with CTD

CTD automatically compares each asset in your commercial environment to an extensive database of unsecure protocols, known configurations, substandard security practices, and other vulnerabilities tracked by Claroty, as well as to the latest CVE data from the National Vulnerability Database. As a result, users can more effectively identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in commercial networks.

Threat Detection with CTD

CTD utilizes five detection engines to automatically profile all assets, communications, and processes in your commercial environment, generate a behavioral baseline that characterizes legitimate traffic to weed out false positives, and alert you in real-time to known and emerging threats. This results in highly contextualized alert timelines to help you more effectively prioritize threat remediation while reducing alert fatigue.

Claroty CTD Integrations

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