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Device Utilization for Healthcare

Advanced device utilization details help HDOs improve efficiency and optimize ROI.

The Healthcare Device Utilization Challenge

Every care team wants more devices, but each request adds up in the capital plan. Leadership usually buys more without knowing how often existing devices are being used, which leads to these challenges:

Increasing Device Capital Expenditures

With thousands of devices each costing thousands of dollars, the line-item in the capital plan continues to expand with every request.

One Size Fits All Preventative Maintenance

Every device needs to remain compliant, but an annual preventative maintenance cycle is not efficient and can generate more work than is really needed.

Inefficient Device Life-Cycle Planing

Without baseline data, HDOs find it difficult to manage the entire life-cycle, from acquisition to retirement, which results in millions of dollars worth of unnecessary expenditures.

How Medigate Tackles the Device Utilization Challenge for Healthcare

Increased Device Utilization

Through accurate measurement of utilization, more patient care can be done with fewer devices, which avoids having expensive resources sitting idle.

Alternative Equipment Maintenance

Tracking preventative maintenance based on actual utilization is an effective way, where applicable, to streamline maintenance workflows and ensure devices remain compliant.

Device Acquisition Planning

With better data around utilization, HDOs can make informed decisions about device acquisition while striving to meet the actual needs of front-line teams, potentially saving them millions of dollars.

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