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Device Inventory for Healthcare

Medigate enables bi-directional integrations with CMMS to provide HDOs with a dynamic, data-rich system of record.

The Healthcare Device Inventory Challenge

Keeping the CMMS accurate is a full-time job that requires manual effort, creating these challenges:

Consistently Inaccurate Device Inventory

Without an accurate inventory, many HDOs struggle to manage day-to-day workflows and make comprehensive device life-cycle decisions.

Inefficient Preventative Maintenance

Many HDOs rely on manual data entry to track required preventative maintenance and ensure every device remains compliant.

Manual Data Entry to Update the CMMS

While it may be required to keep the CMMS data accurate, the actual practice is harder than it seems. With this, most CMMS device entries rely on manual data entry, which can easily be missed.

How Medigate Tackles the Device Inventory Challenge for Healthcare

Up-to-Date CMMS

Using a bi-directional integration, accurate device data is fed dynamically into the HDOs record of truth.

Demand Driven Allocation

An accurate inventory ensures front-line care teams have the devices they need to provide patient care and adjust to fluctuating demand.

Device Recall Management

Quickly identify all the affected devices from any published manufacturer recall notice to ensure patient safety in your facilities.

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