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The Healthcare Device Discovery Challenge

Hospitals continually add more connected medical devices to their environment. Each additional device contributes to patient care, but also introduces additional cyber risk outlined by these challenges:

Unknown Number of Connected Devices

Every day, new devices are connected to the HDO network, many times without prior authorization.

Incomplete Connected Device Profiles

It is difficult to maintain an accurate and up-to-date device profile through manual effort alone.

Network Traffic Reporting Lacks Details

Typical tools used lack the critical details needed to understand device workflows.

How Medigate Tackles the Device Discovery Challenge for Healthcare

Complete Visibility of Connected Devices

Medigate’s combined use of both passive and light-active techniques enables you to see all device traffic. With our compatibility across over 500+ unique device protocols, all the traffic is fully interpreted.

Comprehensive and Accurate Profiles

With Claroty’s deterministic approach, each device is profiled with a high degree of confidence. Alongside Medigate’s purpose-built technology and deep domain expertise, this approach serves as the foundation for all extended benefits delivered by The Claroty Platform.

Network Communication Mapping

Medigate comprehensively tracks where devices communicate and what protocols they use to enable nuanced, curated alerting and holistic, big-picture visibility into your healthcare network.

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Want to gain full visibility into your healthcare network?

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