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The Claroty-AWS Alliance

Claroty xDome and the Medigate Platform are now available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace streamlining purchasing and enabling asset owners to leverage their enterprise AWS commitments while gaining all the benefits of xDome and Medigate.

About the Partnership

Claroty's industrial cybersecurity SaaS offerings, xDome and Medigate, rely on AWS as their cloud backend to provide customers with highly scalable and reliable protection for their industrial and healthcare networks and devices. Additionally, Claroty’s products integrate with AWS security services such as AWS Security Hub and Amazon Security Lake, providing comprehensive integrated industrial cybersecurity solutions for customers.

Key Benefits

Together, Claroty and AWS provide scalability and seamless integration for all connected OT, IoT, IoMT, and IT assets in industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments. Key benefits for joint customers include:

Automated threat discovery and remediation that is easy to deploy to the plant or hospital, scaleable and reliable

Claroty xDome and the Medigate Platform can be purchased on the AWS Marketplace - Purchasing xDome through the AWS Marketplace enables enterprise customers to satisfy their Amazon enterprise consumption requirements while they reduce risk and better understand threats and device inventory.

Simplify OT Incident Response

Amazon Security Lake and xDome / Medigate - xDome and Medigate send alerts directly to Amazon Security Lake which normalizes cybersecurity event data to the OCSF format for incident responders and SOC operators to consume as an Amazon Security Lake subscriber. 

Security event analysis and response

AWS Security Hub and xDome / Medigate - Storing xDome data in AWS Security Hub automates threat discovery and remediation, and improves the security of ICS environments. The integration provides a centralized view of your security posture in AWS and helps check your environment against security standards and current AWS security recommendations.

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