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ICS Security Solution Series Session 1: It Takes a Village

A Holistic Approach to Securing Critical Manufacturing Environments

In today's interconnected and complex industrial environments, securing the modern factory requires the cooperation and participation of multiple vendors working together. Cybersecurity experts from Claroty and Rockwell discuss the importance of collaborative security in securing industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure.

Watch this recording to:

  • Learn about the challenges facing organizations as digital transformation brings new degrees of connectivity to previously isolated environments and how partnerships with key industry players can help address these challenges.

  • Discover best practices for implementing a collaborative ecosystem security strategy that combines the expertise of industrial automation, network, and endpoint security experts.

  • Gain valuable insights into how a joint approach can help organizations mitigate the complexity of ransomware, insider threats, and motivated advanced persistent threats.

Featured Speakers:

  • Justin Woody, Director of Innovation at Claroty

  • Lauren Blocker, Industrial Cybersecurity Consulting Partner at Rockwell Automation

  • Larry Lewis, Technology Alliance Manager at CrowdStrike 

  • Willi Nelson, CISO, Operational Technology at Fortinet 


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