OEM Integrations with The Claroty Platform

Claroty’s wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) integrations enable customers to use existing devices in place of certain components of The Claroty Platform.


Gartner's OT Security Best Practices

With the increase in Operational Technology devices being connected to IT networks, the need to update security approaches and strategies is becoming more necessary.


Claroty to the Power of Siemens

Claroty and Siemens provide industrial operators and cybersecurity teams with an embedded solution for real-time cybersecurity and OT network visibility.

OEM Integration Benefits

These integrations offer the following advantages:

Since OEM integrations enable customers to use their existing devices in place of certain parts of The Claroty Platform, they can significantly simplify and expedite deployment of the platform.

OEM integrations can complement additional facets of Claroty’s technology ecosystem, enhancing the unified visibility and security governance benefits of firewall and NAC integrations, among others.

The Claroty Platform has the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), yet OEM integrations further reduce it by allowing customers to utilize existing investments when deploying the platform.

OEM Integration Partners

Various devices from these partners can operate in place of sensors or other components of The Claroty Platform. Contact us to learn more.

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