Network Access Control (NAC) Integrations with The Claroty Platform

Claroty integrates with leading NAC providers to enable customers to harness, fine-tune, and extend their existing IT network access controls to their industrial networks.


Claroty CTD & Aruba ClearPass: Integration Brief

The integration between Claroty CTD and Aruba ClearPass brings unified visibility and security policy controls to an organization's OT and IT environments.


Claroty CTD & Cisco ISE: Integration Brief

This fully integrated solution combines Claroty’s advanced visibility and real-time monitoring of industrial networks with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

Claroty & NAC: Why Integrate?

Bridge the gap between IT and OT/IoT/IIoT with uniform policies

Customers can use their existing NAC solution to easily group users by role, policy, and custom attributes and grant them the appropriate level of industrial access based on Zero Trust and Least Privilege principles.

Customers can harness the extensive OT, IoT, and IIoT visibility The Claroty Platform provides to identify, optimize, and enforce granular policies to further segment industrial access — all via their existing NAC solution.

Claroty’s integrations ecosystem is one reason why The Claroty Platform has the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), enabling customers to maximize the value of their existing investments.

Network Access Control Partners

Claroty Integrations

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