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Our comprehensive platform empowers you to identify, manage, and protect your OT, IoT, and IIoT assets—regardless of where you are on your industrial cybersecurity journey.


The Claroty Platform delivers the industry's broadest range of industrial cybersecurity controls in a single solution that deploys painlessly and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.


Your industrial network's cybersecurity, operational, and regulatory requirements can be tough to grasp and even tougher to fulfill due to how they differ from their IT counterparts. Our platform can help.


Being a Claroty customer means being part of a community that includes the world's largest enterprises, top industrial automation vendors, an expansive partner ecosystem, and widely acclaimed researchers and industry experts.

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The Industrial Cybersecurity Challenge

Claroty & The Industrial Cybersecurity Challenge

As threat actors seek to exploit the digital transformation of industrial networks, these networks face increased exposure to risks that are tough to identify and even tougher to reduce. Claroty tackles this challenge.

Claroty's Biannual ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report: 1H 2021

The latest installment of our Biannual ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report offers an in-depth look at all ICS flaws disclosed in the first half of 2021 and insight into emerging trends affecting how decision makers will tactically and strategically manage risk this year.

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GET TO KNOW OUR PLATFORM: Continuous Threat Detection

The foundation of the Claroty platform, Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) delivers unmatched asset discovery, risk and vulnerability management, and threat detection coverage for industrial networks. These capabilities will empower you to reveal and protect your OT, IoT, and IIoT assets and identify and respond to the earliest indicators of known and emerging threats to those assets and the critical processes they underpin.

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GET TO KNOW OUR PLATFORM: Secure Remote Access

A fully integrated component of The Claroty Platform, Secure Remote Access (SRA) delivers frictionless, reliable, and highly secure remote access to OT environments for internal and third-party users. Unlike traditional remote access solutions—most of which are designed solely for IT networks—Claroty SRA is purpose-built for the specific operational, administrative, and security needs of industrial networks.

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Partner Spotlight

Claroty is honored to share our industrial cybersecurity mission with these premier partners:

Gartner OT Security Best Practices

This Gartner report provides the guidance for securing networks and endpoints in the evergrowing convergence of IT and OT environments.

How OT Security is Redefining the CISO Role

This educational webinar will teach CISOs what they need to know about OT security and offer guidance for implementing new strategies for mitigating risk in OT environments.

Electric Utilities: Claroty Case Study

A company that serves millions of customers over a nationwide transmission network used Claroty to preserve industrial availability, reliability, and safety.

Water Utilities: Claroty Case Study

A major U.S.-based water utility turned to Claroty to help assess and enhance security across its expansive and growing OT environment.

Automotive Manufacturing: Claroty Case Study

The company needed Claroty to view, monitor, and manage the security of its numerous production sites, each consisting of hundreds of assets.

The Claroty Difference

Claroty is the industrial cybersecurity company. Trusted by the world’s largest enterprises and endorsed by leading industrial automation vendors, we help our customers reveal, protect, and manage their OT, IoT, and IIoT assets.

Our comprehensive platform connects seamlessly with our customers’ existing infrastructure and programs while providing a full range of industrial cybersecurity controls for visibility, threat detection, risk and vulnerability management, and secure remote access.

All of these controls are powered and enhanced by our acclaimed research team, our expansive partner ecosystem, and the ease and scalability of our platform. This means we can help you achieve and maintain effective industrial cybersecurity that preserves business continuity and drives resilience—all for a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

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“Being alerted to vulnerabilities in real-time is a must-have for our Manufacturing operations. We need solutions that allow our organization to quickly identify which assets have potential vulnerabilities and prioritize the actions we need to take in order to reduce and eliminate potential risks.”

“The Claroty Platform allows our organization to quickly identify threats in our OT environment and prioritize the actions we need to take in order to reduce and eliminate potential risks.”

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