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Q&A: Claroty xDome and the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT)

The Claroty Team
/ August 9th, 2022

The latest step forward on Claroty’s ​​mission to secure the cyber-physical systems (CPS) of connected organizations is our release of Claroty xDome: the first SaaS platform to support the entire industrial cybersecurity journey while driving resilience across the XIoT. The following Q&A provides clarity on the scope of xDome and the challenges it is purpose-built to address.

Q: What is the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT)?

The XIoT refers to all connected assets that underpin CPS in industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments. It has emerged as a side effect of digital transformation and, thus, escalating interconnectivity between the internet and assets that control physical processes. 

This cyber-physical web spans everything from OT assets such as PLCs, to building management system (BMS) devices such as HVAC controllers and elevators, to IoT devices such as security cameras and vending machines, to healthcare and IoMT devices such as infusion pumps and MRI machines.

Q: What is an XIoT asset, and how does it relate to OT and other asset types?

An XIoT asset is an umbrella term that refers to any physical asset that serves as or connects to CPS. It’s important to note that beyond OT, BMS, IoT, or IoMT assets, the XIoT encompasses any information technology (IT) assets that may be directly or indirectly connected to CPS. 

Q: What are the benefits and trade-offs of the XIoT?

The escalating digital transformation that continues to fuel the XIoT provides ample opportunity to drive innovation, growth, sustainability, and efficiency, but these benefits often come at the cost of making cyber-physical systems far more susceptible to cyber threats. In addition, the XIoT greatly complicates the requirements for securing and managing these critical assets.

Unless properly secured, the XIoT can be conducive to threat actors targeting and compromising CPS. As a result, organizations may face costly downtime, as well as negative impacts on critical outcomes such as patient care and manufacturing process integrity.

Q: Why did Claroty introduce xDome as the latest addition to its portfolio?

Enterprises are rapidly modernizing their industrial and commercial environments by deploying new XIoT assets alongside their existing brownfield CPS equipment. These conditions are fueling new risk blindspots, amplifying scalability requirements across technology stacks, and leading to more types of cybersecurity stakeholders with increasingly complex needs. 

We introduced xDome to tackle these challenges and, ultimately, further enable enterprises to embrace digital transformation safely, securely, efficiently, and with confidence.

Q: What is the scope of xDome’s coverage for securing the XIoT?

​​xDome spans the entire cybersecurity journey, from empowering organizations with complete asset visibility and effective vulnerability and risk management, to enhanced network protection, to optimal detection and response. Core use cases and capabilities include:

  • Asset Discovery: A complete XIoT asset inventory is the foundation of the industrial cybersecurity journey. To ensure full visibility, xDome offers three flexible methods that can be combined or used separately based on the unique needs of each environment.

  • Vulnerability & Risk Management: xDome automatically correlates every asset with our comprehensive vulnerability database. Customers can leverage 90+ variables to customize their risk tolerance parameters, which xDome then ingests to provide tailored risk scores and recommendations to inform effective mitigations.

  • Network Protection: xDome leverages its XIoT to recommend network communication policies. Customers can then easily monitor, refine, and automatically enforce these policies through their existing infrastructure. This lays the lay foundation for effective implementation of Zero Trust best practices that insulate environments against threats.

  • Threat Detection: xDome continuously monitors for the earliest indicators of known and emerging threats. By profiling all assets and communications, xDome establishes a baseline of normal behavior to weed out false positives and minimize alert fatigue.

  • Asset & Change Management: xDome harnesses in-depth asset insights and an enriched CMDB to monitor for maintenance issues and necessary updates, enable SLA compliance, support audit requests, and drive workflow and supply chain efficiencies.

Q: What differentiates xDome from other offerings in the market?

xDome is the first and only SaaS-based platform to support the full industrial cybersecurity journey without compromising on the breadth or depth of controls. Highlights include: 

  • The broadest and deepest asset discovery capabilities of any SaaS solution. All other SaaS solutions only offer “one-size-fits-all” asset discovery via passive monitoring, xDome offers three discovery methods — passive monitoring, our patent-pending Claroty Edge collector, and enrichment via third-party integrations —  that customers can mix and match to achieve full visibility in a manner best-suited for their environment.

  • Vulnerability and risk management support backed by award-winning research. xDome is the only SaaS solution with vulnerability and risk management capabilities backed by Claroty’s domain expertise and acclaimed research arm, Team82. 

  • Unmatched network segmentation controls that protect against escalating risks. Only xDome has the depth of knowledge and purpose-built technology needed to jumpstart and optimize customers’ segmentation programs via expert-defined policies that can be automatically enforced with customers’ existing firewall and NAC solutions.

  • The industry’s lowest time-to-value (TTV) and total cost of ownership (TCO)

As a SaaS solution with quick and easy deployment options and a flexible UI purpose-built to adapt to all operational, cybersecurity, and executive needs, xDome deploys and scales effortlessly no matter the user or use case.

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