Medigate by Claroty is named 2023 Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security for the 3rd year in a row!
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Medigate Named Best in KLAS 2021 for Healthcare IoT Security

Jonathan Langer
/ February 2nd, 2021

KLAS just released their “Best in KLAS 2021: Software & Services Report,” and we are honored to be named the Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security. As a company that has been laser focused since day one on solving the unique security challenges faced by healthcare organizations, this recognition is particularly gratifying because it is based, in large part, on practical input from actual healthcare customers.

According to Adam Gale, KLAS President, “Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe take the time to share their voice with KLAS. They know that sharing their perspective helps vendors to improve and helps their peers make better decisions. These conversations are a constant reminder to me of how necessary accurate, honest, and impartial reporting is in the healthcare industry. The Best in KLAS report and the awards it contains set the standard of excellence for software and services firms. Vendors who win the title of ‘Best in KLAS’ should celebrate and remember that providers now accept only the best from their products and services. The Best in KLAS award serves as a signal to provider and payer organizations that they should expect excellence from the winning vendors.”

At Medigate, we hold ourselves to that high standard of excellence. We are committed to providing the security that healthcare organizations can use to enable their business. Our platform gives security, biomed, and business leaders the data they need to make better security and asset management decisions that reduce risks and lead to better patient outcomes. With unmatched device identification and industry workflow knowledge, we strive to give healthcare organizations the insights and tools they need to accelerate their transformation to a smart, connected health system and enable the delivery of value-based care.

To be named Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security validates all the time and effort we have invested in building our platform; it confirms that we are making a real difference in how health systems are able to secure and manage assets across their operations. As one customer noted, “So far, the product has done everything it was promoted to do. We were initially using the product for biomed. However, the product is so good that we ended up using it for our entire network. The product checks every single device in our network. We have that with other products, but the interface of this product and the way the system works is pretty neat.” Manager, December 2020.

For HDOs, download the report here.

For partners and vendors,download the report here.

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