Medigate by Claroty is named 2023 Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security for the 3rd year in a row!
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Medigate is Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security - two years in a row!

Jonathan Langer
/ February 8th, 2022

Medigate is thrilled to be awarded the Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security for the second year in a row! Winning an award as prestigious as Best in KLAS can be likened to a sports championship. It is challenging to sustain the level of focus and effort needed to repeat as a champion, and the relative rarity of the feat proves this.

This achievement is remarkable, and I want to personally thank our customers who took the time to provide KLAS with their honest and unique perspective of Medigate. We won because of you! Without the consistent feedback, partnership, and feature requests, Medigate would not deliver the type of value we strive to bring to healthcare. It is overwhelming to see how many of our customers took the time to speak with KLAS about us, and reading your quotes and comments is humbling, encouraging, and motivating. Thank you!

As the respected leader in healthcare software and services evaluation, KLAS focuses on real-world feedback from actual users of what they evaluate. Their research methodology consists of thousands of interviews across their research areas. Any investment from vendors does not sway their unbiased opinion from vendors. Every category leader truly earns recognition. Such stringent evaluation makes it very special to be awarded this distinction for two years running. 

This award reflects our growth and ability to deliver from an organizational perspective. In 2020, Medigate was just starting our hyper-growth phase, and our platform offered a fraction of what it does today. Being named Best in KLAS for 2021 was a significant achievement and validated our approach. In 2022, we have scaled to meet the demands of our customers and have released a bevy of new and compelling features that our customers use daily. To sustain the type of growth and the high ranking of our customers in this KLAS report is an achievement I am genuinely proud of.

“What made the difference was the team of people behind the product.” I love this quote from one of the customers who spoke with KLAS. While an effective product is a prerequisite for success, it is gratifying to see our customers recognize the same thing I have always known, that the people of Medigate (and now Claroty) are extraordinary. Their tenacious dedication to excellence and our customers enables this win. 

Not only is KLAS an excellent evaluator of software and services designed for healthcare, but they have also become a strategic partner to Medigate as we have grown to over 130 customers, 1250+ hospitals, and a truly global presence. We trust them and rely on their insights to guide our strategic investments and build plans to shore up any gaps they identify in our product or support. Each year, we leave our briefing with pages of notes and action plans that we set out to implement immediately. 

The momentum is palpable as we find ourselves continuing to grow, now as a part of Claroty. We look forward to applying the fundamentals of device visibility, usable insights, and threat detection to many more challenges that healthcare faces. You can bet that we will not rest easy and will continue to work hard to achieve the ‘three-peat’ with this award next year as well.

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