By Benny Porat, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer | June 8, 2021

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all industrial network, with countless variations in geographic footprint, architecture, technology, purpose, and scope. And yet, all industrial enterprises need an effective cybersecurity solution that will mature, evolve, and scale alongside their business. What’s more, businesses need an industrial cybersecurity solution that can be implemented without burdening their infrastructure and personnel with unnecessary traffic, hardware, complex configurations, lengthy deployments, or steep learning curves.

Today, we introduce Claroty Edge, the newest offering of the Claroty Platform, which we’ve designed to meet these requirements for enterprises across a wide range of sectors and maturity levels. Our platform’s latest additions and enhancements empower our customers with faster, easier, and more flexible paths through which to achieve the industrial cybersecurity objectives that are most important to them.

Highlights of our latest platform enhancements include:

  • The First Zero-Infrastructure Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

    The newly introduced Claroty Edge is the first zero-infrastructure industrial cybersecurity solution on the marketplace, delivering 100% visibility in minutes with a simple setup and absolutely no network footprint. Claroty Edge provides a comprehensive inventory of operational technology (OT), IT, IoT, and IIoT assets, from which it gleans critical risk and vulnerability information that enables you to prioritize, strategize, and mitigate risk—and ultimately, optimize your network security posture.

  • Claroty Your Way, Wherever You Are in Your Cybersecurity Journey

    The path to resilient industrial cybersecurity is truly a journey. The combined capabilities of CTD and SRA with the addition of Claroty Edge empower the latest iteration of The Claroty Platform to meet our customers wherever they are on their quest to protect their industrial sites. From understanding your industrial assets and network structure to detecting threats, managing integrations, controlling remote access, and responding to incidents, Claroty’s on-premises or cloud-based deployment option through CTD.Live provides your team with an onramp suited to your needs.

Claroty Edge is now the third component of the The Claroty Platform:

Claroty Edge

Claroty Edge is a patent-pending, first-of-its-kind solution that delivers 100% visibility into industrial networks in minutes without requiring network changes, sensors, or any physical footprint. Functioning as a flexible edge-data collector, the solution is designed to reveal industrial assets that customers could otherwise only discover via methods that may not always be ideal for all networks, use cases, and objectives.

In addition to further equipping customers to discover a complete inventory of their managed and unmanaged OT, IoT, and IIoT assets while identifying and managing the vulnerabilities and risks affecting those assets, Claroty Edge supports a broad range of related use cases. Customers can leverage Claroty Edge to perform cybersecurity assessments, manage highly distributed environments, fulfill on-demand audit requests, report compliance for industrial networks, conduct M&A due diligence on target third-party environments as operations grow, and manage to industrial cybersecurity risks more effectively and with fewer resources.

Claroty Edge is also an optimal entry point for customers who are just starting out on their industrial cybersecurity journey and would like to capture the current state of their network, as well as an exemplary solution for those looking to scale their existing program’s coverage to air-gapped, physically remote, smaller, and/or differently prioritized sites. The solution relies on customers’ existing Windows-based infrastructure and can easily be run any time, anywhere—either on-premises or in the cloud.

Continuous Threat Detection (CTD)

CTD, Claroty’s flagship product for visibility and threat detection, now offers a highly distributed, SaaS-based deployment option for enterprises that are ready and able to embrace the cloud as a core component of their industrial cybersecurity strategy.

Known as CTD.Live, this option is uniquely suited to support customers undergoing robust digital transformation initiatives because it is fast, scalable, and ensures CTD’s software components—as well as the latest threat intelligence, detection capabilities, and wisdom of the crowd—are always up to date. CTD.Live also reduces the total cost of ownership of customers’ industrial cybersecurity infrastructure by eliminating certain hardware requirements and extending inventory, risk and vulnerability management, and monitoring coverage to newly added assets automatically as networks—and customers’ needs—expand.

Regardless of whether a customer chooses to deploy CTD via CTD.Live or fully on-premises, they will benefit from additional enhancements made available in CTD 4.3, the flagship product’s newest version. Greater flexibility in how critical asset, alert, and risk data can be accessed, managed, and manipulated—directly within CTD and via integrations with third-party SIEM providers—is a focal point of this version. Other highlights include new options for segmentation via Virtual Zones, enabling customers to further customize and fine-tune their segmentation and alerting policies for even stronger, more accurate detection of risky communications and other indicators of potentially malicious activity.

Secure Remote Access (SRA)

A core component of The Claroty Platform, SRA is an ideal option for customers seeking to provide their employees and/or third-party partners with frictionless, reliable, secure access to their industrial networks.

SRA is fully integrated with CTD and supports a Zero Trust architecture for industrial networks, delivers compensating controls for unpatched or otherwise unsecured assets, and offers response capabilities for incidents related to remote user activity. The scalability of all of these capabilities increases when SRA is combined with CTD.Live as it enables users of both CTD and SRA to receive and respond to alerts from the cloud. Furthermore, customers can extend their usage of Claroty Edge to blueprint and optimize SRA deployments, reducing the time and resources required to onboard assets, fully implement, or expand the solution.

To speak 1:1 with a Claroty expert about how Claroty Edge can help your team on its industrial cybersecurity journey, request a demo.