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Mandate & Framework Support

Easing compliance with CDM Defend, CSRA, Zero trust reference architecture, and other frameworks and mandates.

Compliance with the US Federal government’s mandates, initiatives, frameworks and programs can be labor intensive and complex. CDM Defend, the Risk Management Framework, Zero Trust Reference Architecture, Unified Facility Guidelines (UFCs), and the list goes on. And the broader your Federal OT infrastructure, the more complex your task can be. Ease your compliance, regardless of your requirements, with Claroty for your OT security program.

While each of the above differs in what it mandates, the below examples are merely a sampling of how Claroty can help you comply, adhere to, or otherwise seamlessly adopt existing or newly evolving initiatives:

1. Identify and manage all of your OT assets, vulnerabilities and enforce policy

Claroty’s automated asset discovery capabilities and centralized asset inventory allow organizations to gain complete, real-time visibility into all ICS/SCADA, BMS/BCS, IoT, IIoT, IoMT, and other connected devices. Claroty discovers and assesses all assets, systems, vulnerabilities, and cyber and operational risks in these environments and uses this extensive visibility to automatically define and enable the enforcement of network security policies that mitigate exposure to such risks.

2. Identify gaps in your posture

Claroty enables Federal Agencies and Service Branches to better understand their operational environment’s risk posture, better allocate resources to improve it, and to protect their critical environments from growing threats.

3. Manage risk

Harden your OT environments against cyber threats with expert-defined policies and granular access controls to embrace network segmentation and Zero Trust, adhering to the Risk Management Framework or others. Automate, and get helpful guidance to segment your network to reduce opportunities for lateral movement, enforce RBAC, and other enforcement processes.

4. Automate threat detection

Regardless of the threat - ransomware, equipment failure, malicious insiders, to misconfigurations - respond to the earliest indicators of threats before they impact safety, compliance, or other mission critical operations. Claroty continually monitors the entire OT environment for the earliest indicators of known and unknown threats, contextualises all alerts to optimize response, and integrates with SIEM, SOAR, and related solutions to extend existing SOC workflows across your OT infrastructure.

5. Measure, report, validate controls

Claroty offers a custom risk-scoring mechanism, the ability to simulate the impact of risk remediation measures, proactive monitoring and historical assessments to measure how respective controls impact enterprise-wide risk posture over time, and flexible reporting to simplify the communication of this information for stakeholders across disciplines.

Claroty offers multiple detection engines to automatically profile all assets, communications, and processes in OT networks. With a deep understanding of proprietary OT protocols and device behavior,  ensure each device receives the security policy appropriate for it — and prevent future violations. Regardless of the level of detail required and where on your OT network across air-gapped environments, ICS/SCADA, BMS/BCS systems or the growing number of xIOT devices, public or peer-to-peer protocol communications, Claroty provides unparalleled visibility to every device. OS, firmware, patch level, and protocol, and all communication paths between devices within the network. Know what you are protecting, and how, to measure and report compliance.

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