Energy & Claroty

Energy companies in the electricity and oil & gas industries rely on Claroty to enhance OT availability, integrity, and safety and address key compliance and security issues.


National Electric Generation & Transmission Company Secures Operations with Claroty

This company, which serves millions of customers over a nationwide transmission network, looked to Claroty for help evaluating and minimizing risks to ultimately preserve OT availability, reliability, and safety.


Global Oil & Gas Company Secures Offshore Drilling Operations with Claroty

Director connectivity between a global oil and gas company's corporate IT network and the OT networks abroad each of its contractor-managed offshore drilling shops enabled it to achieve impressive production efficiency.


Introduction to Claroty

If improving security for your OT network is a priority or you just want to learn more about the state-of-the-art platform in industrial cybersecurity, this is a great introduction to Claroty.


Secure Remote Access: Data Sheet

Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) minimizes the risks remote users, including employees and 3rd party vendors, introduce to OT networks.

Challenge: Asset Identification & Management

Energy companies typically operate across vast, geographically dispersed sites and rely on a high volume of complex devices and systems from multiple vendors. Such conditions can make accurately identifying and managing all assets in these OT environments exceedingly challenging. Claroty CTD helps energy companies overcome these challenges.

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Challenge: Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Complete IT-OT security monitoring coverage and threat detection are essential to preserving the availability, integrity, and safety of energy operations. Claroty CTD ensures no security or integrity event or indicator goes unnoticed—including ones related to the adversary tactics and techniques detailed in the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS framework.

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Challenge: OT Remote & Third-Party Access

Heavy reliance on vendors to service OT assets, as well as geographically distributed facilities, means energy companies must provide remote and third-party users with frequent access to their OT environments. Since OT remote access is a high-risk attack vector, this creates ample security and safety risks. Claroty SRA minimizes these risks.

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Challenge: Fundamental OT Security Controls

Effective OT security in the electric utilities and oil & gas industries requires fundamental controls that reduce risks to OT availability, integrity, and safety. The Claroty Platform provides extensive support for all five categories of controls recommended by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover.

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Claroty Support for NERC CIP Compliance

This report shares how The Claroty Platform’s fundamental OT security controls help North American electric utilities companies meet the requirements for NERC CIP compliance.

AESCSF: Maturing Your OT Security with Claroty

This blog details the Australian Energy Security Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF) and how The Claroty Platform enables Australian energy companies to adhere to the framework.

What Energy Customers are Saying

“We needed granular information on all of our OT assets: from the vendor, firmware, model, serial number and card slot, down to the code running on the power line communications. We evaluated several vendors, but only Claroty could give us the visibility we required.” —National Electric Generation & Transmission Company

“Claroty is a comprehensive solution that really gave our team an extreme level of visibility into our OT assets and networks that other companies were unable to provide. The fact that they achieved this without impacting our existing systems made the decision even easier for us.” —Global Oil & Gas Company

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