Critical Manufacturing & Claroty

Critical manufacturers worldwide in industries ranging from automotive, to chemical, to mining trust Claroty to protect their operational availability, integrity, and safety.


Automaker Drives Toward Comprehensive OT Security with Claroty

The company sought a way to view, monitor and manage the security of it's numerous production sites, each consisting of hundreds of assets, in order to proactively strengthen its OT security and more effectively manage the inherent risks.


Chemical Manufacturer Secures Global Operations with Claroty

Achieving a comprehensive view of cybersecurity across its network of more than 60 chemical productions facilities around the world was a major goal for this chemical company.


Global Mining Company Unearths OT Security Simplicity with Claroty

A large and growing mining company with operations around the world, this company struggled to achieve a comprehensive view of its entire operational security risk profile


Introduction to Claroty

If improving security for your OT network is a priority or you just want to learn more about the state-of-the-art platform in industrial cybersecurity, this is a great introduction to Claroty.

Challenge: Asset Identification & Management

Since critical manufacturers typically operate across multiple geographically dispersed sites and rely on a high volume of complex devices and systems from multiple vendors, maintaining an accurate inventory of all assets in these OT environments can be exceedingly challenging. Claroty CTD helps critical manufacturers overcome these challenges.

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Challenge: Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Rapid detection of potential threats is essential to OT availability, integrity, and safety but requires an extensive caliber of OT visibility, monitoring coverage, and expertise. Claroty CTD ensures no event or indicator goes unnoticed—including those related to the adversary tactics and techniques detailed in the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS framework.

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Challenge: Remote Access to Production Sites

Heavy reliance on third-party vendors to service OT assets, as well as the geographic distribution of production sites, means that critical manufacturers’ OT environments are frequently accessed remotely. Given that OT remote access is a common attack vector, this introduces significant security and safety risks. Claroty SRA minimizes these risks.

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Challenge: Fundamental OT Security Controls

Effective OT security in critical manufacturing industries requires implementing fundamental controls that reduce risks to OT availability, integrity, and safety. The Claroty Platform provides extensive support for all five categories of controls recommended by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover.

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Automaker Drives Toward Complete OT Security with Claroty

A global automaker turned to Claroty to address its vast attack surface, prevalence of unauthorized users and misconfigurations, and limited controls.

Chemical Manufacturer Secures Global Operations with Claroty

Learn how Claroty enabled a chemical manufacturer to gain full visibility and security monitoring coverage across its more than 60 production sites.

Mining Company Unearths OT Security Simplicity with Claroty

A mining company that struggled to achieve a complete view of its OT risk profile was able to overcome these challenges with support from Claroty.

What Critical Manufacturing Customers are Saying

“We have dozens of factory sites across two continents, so you can imagine the challenge of establishing a confident OT security posture. Of all the platforms we evaluated, only Claroty’s was gave us the unified view and total control we were looking for, and they did it with zero downtime. There wasn’t even a close second.”

“We looked at several vendors, and none but Claroty made it past the demo stage. Shortly after installation, Claroty identified every asset in our environment. The impressive performance of the Claroty platform, coupled with the outstanding referrals from trusted partners made this a straightforward decision for us.”

“We needed deep visibility into our ICS networks, and it quickly became clear that Claroty was the best choice. Not only were they the preferred vendor for all of our ICS partners, but their technology really stood up to our rigorous demands. Their platform gave us visibility into things we didn’t even expect to see.” —

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