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Quirónsalud Protects 150+ World-Renowned Medical Centers with Medigate by Claroty

The Claroty Team
/ March 1st, 2023

Europe’s leading hospital group, Quirónsalud, operates more than 150 world-renowned centers where patient care is the utmost priority. But, like many other healthcare organizations, they faced a challenge — how do you safeguard care-delivery when your internet of medical things (IoMT) and other connected devices are potentially exposed to cyber risks?

This question weighed heavily on the minds of Quirónsalud’s Chief Biomedical Officer and Chief Information Security Officer. Both decision-makers understood that IoMT and other connected care devices have undeniable benefits — from boosting productivity and innovation to improving patient outcomes. However, they also recognized that this type of connectivity increases the attack surface and, therefore, the risk of cyberattacks. 

Luckily, the answer to their question was simple: Medigate by Claroty

Quirónsalud needed a partner who could understand the challenges of their unique healthcare environment. These included:

  1. Fragmented visibility: Quirónsalud lacked a central, comprehensive inventory of all devices connected to each of its hospitals’ networks — and struggled to implement effective segmentation, threat detection, and other core capabilities

  2. Complex infrastructure due to M&A activity: A series of mergers and acquisitions resulted in a broad and inconsistent range of network architectures, device types, security controls, and governance models across its dozens of care centers globally

  3. Zero tolerance for care disruption: Quirónsalud recognized that the complexities of healthcare environments and medical devices make them uniquely prone to disruption from traditional technologies and approaches — and that any new solutions needed to be thoroughly vetted and proven safe

To meet their objectives, Quirónsalud decision-makers knew they needed specialized technology designed to protect and manage medical devices without interrupting care delivery. This decision was not taken lightly; and after ample market research, business and technical evaluations, and multiple proofs-of-concept — Quirónsalud chose Medigate by Claroty. 

In less than one year of partnership, Medigate by Claroty helped Quirónsalud achieve the following across dozens of its care centers:

  1. Device visibility: Gained a centralized, real-time, comprehensive inventory of all medical devices and other cyber-physical systems connected to each network 

  2. Vulnerability management: Implemented highly scalable controls to enable the identification, prioritization, and remediation of vulnerabilities

  3. Network segmentation: Optimized and accelerated an existing — and lengthy — network segmentation project

  4. Threat detection: Enabled the global security operations center (SOC) to expand its monitoring and response coverage

  5. Cost reduction: Harnessed device utilization data to negotiate lower maintenance fees with medical device vendors

“I’ve had many nice surprises since we began working with Medigate — but two stick out the most. First, the platform is very easy to use. Not only are we able to leverage in-depth visibility information like we’ve never had before, but we’re also able to take action on it without any friction. Second, the cost savings have been substantial. We’ve been using Medigate’s device utilization data to negotiate lower maintenance fees with device vendors. I never expected us to be able to do that.”

— Pau Giménez, Chief Biomedical Officer, Quirónsalud

To learn more about how Medigate by Claroty enabled Quirónsalud to boost efficiency, enhance resilience, and safeguard care delivery:

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