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4 Reasons Why Healthcare Organizations Need a Device Security Partner

The Claroty Team
/ October 12th, 2022
Claroty - Securing Cyber-Physical Systems

Every Healthcare Delivery Organization (HDO) relies on trusted teams to secure their Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). Still, threats to cyber-physical systems (CPS) are continuing to evolve, and many of these connected devices that underpin them were not necessarily designed with security in mind. Despite growing awareness of the pressing need to secure healthcare, a substantial number of connected medical devices and other IoT devices in hospitals have a known critical vulnerability. This is par for the course with technology innovation and will take years, if not decades, before a new generation of connected assets emerges with more natively integrated security processes and pathways. 

Meanwhile, medical device spending is increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15%-30%, depending on the study. Keeping up with the influx of connected devices and the rapidly changing vulnerability landscape leaves security teams concerned about the risk introduced to their environments. To alleviate this, many find trusted partners to help them effectively define and manage cyber-physical risk strategies. 

We believe that you deserve an environment where cyber and physical worlds connect safely. Claroty has some of the world’s most experienced IT and cyber security experts who have been studying and working within the healthcare industry for decades. We know the threat landscape and unique requirements, challenges, and opportunities to protect HDOs in today’s hyperconnected world and we put that into practice every day. We partner with CISOs and other security leaders to help identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risk, and strengthen cyber and operational resilience.

Here are the top four reasons HDOs engage with us to improve their existing cybersecurity practice.

1. Additional Skill Sets

Often, an organization will encounter a challenge that requires a specific skill set or certification. The cost to hire a person to fill a role on their team is high and finding the right person with the knowledge and experience is difficult. Partnering with Claroty professional services and a team of people proven they can do the job is a cost-effective way to solve this challenge. Whether for security teams with lots of staff or lean and mean organizations, we can supplement teams on a day-to-day basis as well as provide remediation support, advanced recommendations including CPS strategy and program design, and even help negotiate SLAs. 

2. Security Tool Integrations

Your security stack is only as good as the integrations that enable it and qualifying the value of integration and implementing it are not one in the same. This disconnect is evident with new and emerging security technologies, as existing security teams may not have experience with integrating them into the overall security organization and infrastructure. Nor are they typically able to keep up with all the integrations available and worth investigating for the environment. For example, before applying any security measures, teams need to understand what they have, how it’s connected, and the security posture of those devices. Our integration with strategic partner CrowdStrike provides comprehensive visibility into every connected endpoint, enriched with telemetry captured by CrowdStrike, and enables policy enforcement. HDOs can create and maintain a fully profiled, dynamically risk-scored inventory of all managed and unmanaged endpoints and mitigate risk. From there, we work with your in-house teams to take the next steps toward cyber and operational resilience across the environment, devising a strategy to incorporate currently disconnected tools as well as new solutions that will help your whole stack perform better.

3. Purpose-built Technology

The Medigate by Claroty solution suite provides HDOs with enterprise-wide XIoT asset visibility and communication profiling. This visibility provides the foundation for vulnerability and risk management. The solution identifies vulnerabilities present within your healthcare environment and provides you with the insights needed to prioritize risk remediation efforts. We help you further protect your network with tailored recommendations for network segmentation and collaborate with you to develop and implement Zero Trust architecture that insulates your HDO from cyber threats. The Medigate by Claroty solution suite integrates with existing and new tools to help tools and teams work more efficiently and effectively.

4. Accelerated Value

With the experience of working with many HDOs and our purpose-built suite of solutions, the Claroty team brings a wealth of practical knowledge to other organizations. Sharing key learnings and real-world examples, our experience streamlines your CPS journey and speeds up the time to value from the engagement. Another benefit is the collaboration and knowledge transfer to your team to help you incorporate best practices and build and maintain in-house expertise. Programs tailored to your environment, solution, and teams are specifically designed to help ensure your teams remain up to date on the latest threats you’re facing and understand how to optimize the Medigate by Claroty solution suite to protect against them. By removing silos, optimizing workflows, and bringing together the necessary expertise, we help teams drive ROI while building cyber and operational resilience.  

With digital transformation and the rise of the XIoT, the threats to HDOs are continuously evolving. In today’s rapidly evolving and hyperconnected world, leading HDOs rely on Medigate by Claroty to help them connect with confidence as they progress on their journey to better and more efficient protection of CPS.

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