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Addressing Hospital Risk Management With Advanced Anomaly & Threat Detection

The Claroty Team
/ March 12th, 2024
Advanced anomaly & threat detection provides further depth to The Medigate Platform’s customizable alerting engine through an expanded set of customizable alerting mechanisms such as device communications, device change alerting, and more.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, ensuring patient safety is a top priority. With the integration of advanced technologies and the digitization of medical records, the healthcare industry has made significant strides in improving patient care. However, this digital transformation also brings forth new challenges, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity. Threat detection in healthcare is becoming increasingly crucial to safeguard sensitive patient information, maintain the integrity of medical systems, and prevent potential harm.

Understanding the Landscape

Healthcare organizations store a vast amount of sensitive data, ranging from patient medical records and billing information to research data and intellectual property. This wealth of information makes the sector an attractive target for cyber threats such as ransomware, data breaches, and other malicious activities. Threat actors may seek to exploit vulnerabilities in healthcare infrastructure, leading to serious consequences, including compromised patient safety and trust. Common threats in healthcare can include ransomware attacks, data breaches, and insider risks.

The Growing Risks For Cyber-Physical Systems

The ever-increasing risk of connected devices within clinical and non-clinical workflows results in growing attack vectors targeting devices that are unmanaged outside of traditional IT.  

While most organizations have some level of threat detection in place to monitor for this increased attack surface, generally through a firewall solution, these technologies tend to lack specialized knowledge of their clinical ecosystem and full access to internal traffic. This means that they lack the clinical context to properly identify, assess, and prioritize threats to medical, IoT, and building management systems. When clinical workflows and patient care are involved, there is no room for blind spots.

Healthcare organizations need a way to reduce residual cyber risk through a robust network detection strategy. With a proactive solution to continuously monitor across clinical environments, healthcare organizations can now obtain better visibility and control. This control not only supports the ability to detect various threats entering the network but also enables security professionals to respond to them with context and insight into remediation best practices before they can impact patient care.

Advanced Anomaly & Threat Detection With Claroty Healthcare

We are excited to announce new capabilities to The Medigate Platform for our healthcare customers. Our new Advanced Anomaly & Threat Detection module enables healthcare organizations to customize their threat detection strategy unique to their organizational risk tolerance while adding a deeper level of continuous threat monitoring that is both clinically and contextually aware. 

With continuous monitoring of your entire clinical environment for the earliest indicators of compromise for both known and emerging threats, healthcare organizations can reveal immediate visibility of potential risks across the entire attack chain, while optimizing response efforts across existing security tools and workflows.

In addition to anomalous behavior identification and alerting, advanced anomaly & threat detection provides further depth to The Medigate Platform’s customizable alerting engine through an expanded set of customizable alerting mechanisms such as device communications, device change alerting, and more. 

New signature-based detection greatly expands The Medigate Platform’s toolset for detecting, understanding, and responding to threats based on known signatures and IoCs.  With signature content directly available for viewing within the platform for investigation purposes, users can easily enable/disable each signature as needed in order to properly tune the system. 

Lastly, The Medigate Platform’s threat detection capabilities now align with the MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise framework. Alerts can be mapped to various tactics and techniques as a known industry standard. With this further context and remediation information, responders can now better understand and align to goals to swiftly and appropriately respond to malicious actors. 

Interested in learning more? Check out Claroty Healthcare Threat Detection or Request a Demo.

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