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Optimizing OT Remote Access for Third-Party Vendors with Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA)

This white paper examines the security and operational challenges and risks associated with using standard, IT-oriented solutions for third-party OT remote access, key requirements for the optimal solution, and how Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) fulfills those requirements.

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Designed specifically for industrial networks, Claroty SRA caters to the operational, administrative, and security needs associated with remote access in OT environments. By centrally managing third-party remote users, Claroty SRA simplifies the remote access process, mitigating the risks associated with unmanaged and uncontrolled access.

The solution’s extensive security measures minimize potential threats while providing tools to identify and respond to security or operational incidents involving third-party remote users. Implementing Claroty SRA enables organizations to reduce their MTTR and minimize the cost and complexity of configuring and administering access for OT remote users. Claroty SRA also helps maintain accountability and compliance with regulatory requirements through comprehensive audit trails, ensuring that organizations can demonstrate adherence to industry standards while protecting their operations.


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