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Preventing Cyber Pain in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Approach to Legacy Medical Technology Security

The IMDRF has defined a Legacy Medical Device: medical devices that cannot be reasonably protected against current cybersecurity. The Health Industry Cybersecurity – Managing Legacy Technology Security (HIC-MaLTS) is a NEW comprehensive resource, organized in modular, actionable components for the management of cyber-risk caused by legacy healthcare technologies. HIC-MaLTs has quickly become a go-to resource for CISO’s, product security teams, and the HTM industry.

We will discuss cybersecurity strategies that both manufacturers and health providers can implement for legacy medical technology as a shared responsibility in the clinical environment and provide insights for designing future devices that are more secure. A myriad of legislation and regulation is being bantered about in an effort to secure these vulnerable network entry points. Join us and discover the insights from two years of development by 67 healthcare experts.


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