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Navigating the Risks of IT-Centric Remote Access Solutions in OT Environments

Learn best practices for managing user access, reducing risk exposure, and ensuring regulatory compliance, with a particular focus on Claroty's Secure Remote Access (SRA) solution.

Topics covered in the webinar will include:

  • Exploring the Risks of an Expanded Attack Surface: Uncover the security risks of using traditional VPNs and other IT-centric solutions in OT environments, as well as their role in escalating your network's attack surface.

  • Understanding Monitoring and Auditing Challenges: Learn about issues that arise when using VPN session logs to support audits and compliance.

  • Introduction to Claroty SRA: Learn how Claroty SRA, an OT-specific solution, was designed to mitigate these risks and secure your operations.

Managing user access in your Operational Technology (OT) network is complex, especially when relying on traditional, IT-centric remote access solutions such as VPNs. Attempting to use IT-centric tools to secure OT remote access carries hidden risks — including cyber threats, unauthorized access, regulatory non-compliance, and an expanded attack surface.


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