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DoD OT Defensible Architectures with Zero Trust

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss what the Department of Defense (DoD) can do today to reduce the risk to DCI and how the current Zero Trust (ZT) capabilities for IT can be applied to OT. These principles improve the mission readiness of our fighting fleet and help to build a resilient & defendable enterprise.

Learn from a diverse industry perspective the best practices to:

  • Map Zero Trust (ZT) capabilities to Operational Technologies (OT) in your Defense Critical Infrastructure (DCI) and weapons systems

  • Get trustworthy asset visibility across your entire OT-applicable mission stack and installation footprint

  • Understand which assets are vulnerable, by highest priority

  • Develop a risk mitigation plan for vulnerable systems

  • Deploy sensors on OT systems, understanding the intricacies, for optimum threat protection

  • Prevent the adversary from getting inside

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