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Addressing the Growing Impacts of Ransomware on OT

As IT and OT converge, ransomware has remained a growing concern for those tasked with defending operational technology (OT) and other cyber-physical systems (CPS). Over the past several years, these ransomware attacks have grown increasingly targeted and have proved to no longer be confined to an organization’s IT environment.According to a 2023 independent survey commissioned by Claroty, 37% of respondents say their organization experienced a ransomware attack within the past year that impacted both IT and OT environments — a 10% increase from the survey results two years prior which should serve as a wake-up call for CISOs.

In this on-demand webinar, Leon Poggioli leads an in-depth discussion on:

1) The growing prevalence of ransomware attacks on OT and other cyber-physical systems

2) The varying scope of operational impact that may occur following an OT ransomware attack

3) Guidance for minimizing the likelihood and potential impact of ransomware attacks on your organization's operations.

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