Claroty Named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Operational Technology Security Solutions, Q2 2024
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Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security 2024

The Best in KLAS rankings acknowledge top-performing software and service providers in enhancing patient care for the healthcare sector. KLAS Research conducts impartial product evaluations by gathering confidential customer feedback through interviews conducted in the prior year. Achieving Best in KLAS is among the most prestigious accolades a vendor can receive.

2024 KLAS scores for Healthcare IoT Security

Excerpt from 2024 KLAS Report provided by KLAS Research.

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Medigate by Claroty: The Top Ranking Healthcare IoT Security Solution

Ranked #1 in the Best in KLAS report for Healthcare IoT security four years in a row, Medigate by Claroty is a highly flexible solution that covers your entire healthcare cybersecurity journey. Use cases covered include:

  • Device Discovery & Profiling

  • Vulnerability & Risk Management

  • Network Protection

  • Device Inventory

  • Device Location

  • Device Utilization

Claroty KLAS overall Vendor Score

What Customers Are Saying About Medigate by Claroty

Below, you'll find a selection of commentary on Medigate by Claroty collected by KLAS Research. For complete visibility into customer feedback, visit

“The platform has started to shine a light on some of the things that we were really blind to before. For example, there are a lot of things that we know are on our network that are really tough for us to identify. Medigate's platform has done a really wonderful job of helping us identify what those things are. The platform will tell us right away whether there is a vulnerability, and we can look and see where things are sending and receiving network traffic from or whether something has outbound traffic. The tool has been a really powerful tool to help us identify some legacy equipment that is hanging on the network that we did not know was there. In that area, the platform has been a treasure trove of information. We learned right away that we had some older embedded devices in clinical areas that were flying under the radar of our other piece of network scanning equipment.”

Director, February 2023

“Medigate continues to update the platform regularly with useful things. Integration points have always been a key focus for me, and the vendor has continued to deliver on integration. For example, they added the ability to test some of the access policies before implementing them, and things like that have been huge for us to be able to continue to leverage Medigate as a way to implement our network access controls. Having some confidence in what is and isn't happening on the wire allows us to flip switches a little more confidently, so that has continued to be good. Also, the quality of the data that comes out of the system has been solid.”

CIO, January 2023

“When we get an alert about a device connected to our network, Medigate's solution can provide a lot of detail about that device and what it was talking to. That extends beyond medical devices to laptops and phones. There are other tools that the networking group has for the same purpose, but we like leveraging Medigate's solution because it is quick and easy.”

Director, September 2023

“I have referred people to Claroty because they are one vendor that I have been more impressed with after the sale than before. Claroty has a routine enhancement time frame that they have hit consistently for a long time. When we ask for a feature, they try to incorporate it. We like the vendor's overall engagement from all levels. They are proactive in terms of reaching out and trying to understand how we are using the tool and also connecting us with other customers. Claroty has a really good customer advisory group and facilitates that a lot.”

CISO, October 2023

“The vendor is able to help us and provide advice and counsel on how to actually go about looking at the data that their tool provides. They also recommend ways that we can use that data and segment or isolate certain parts of our network to better secure things. The vendor gives us information, but they also make recommendations for how we can do things, and they will partner with us or spend time talking to us. Medigate by Claroty also brings new vendors to us. They recommend their business partners to us, but they are fine if we choose not to work with those partners. Medigate by Claroty is helping us enter the new world.”

Analyst/Coordinator, March 2023

Extends cybersecurity across your healthcare network

A broad range of devices ensure care delivery in your healthcare environment: from IV pumps and ultrasounds, to smart HVAC and lighting systems. Medigate by Claroty secures them all.

Supports your full healthcare cybersecurity journey

Whether you want to automate asset discovery, combat zero-day attacks, or aren’t sure where to start, Medigate will support and grow with you on your entire journey.

Designed for scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use

As a SaaS solution with a flexible UI built to adapt to all IT, security, Biomed, and executive needs, Medigate by Claroty deploys and scales effortlessly no matter the user or use case.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack

Medigate by Claroty's extensive technical ecosystem integrations empower you to easily extend your existing security infrastructure to your healthcare environment.

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