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The Claroty executive team and Board of Directors includes some of the world's most experienced IT and OT security experts and business leaders.


Phil Rugani
‍Interim Chief Executive Officer

Phil Rugani joined Claroty in July 2019 as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Claroty, Phil held CEO, President, and Executive Vice President positions at startups, mid-size companies, and some of the largest, most recognizable enterprise software providers in the world.

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Galina Antova
‍Co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Galina Antova is a cybersecurity entrepreneur and executive with over 15 years in the cybersecurity industry. For the last nine years, Galina has focused on advancing the state of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.

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Benny Porat
‍Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Benny Porat is the Co-founder and CTO of Claroty. Prior to co-founding Claroty, Benny was a security researching at NorthBit. Previously, Benny commanded a strategic research team within an elite cyber unit of the Israel Defense Force and lead a project that on the prestigious Israeli Defense Award.

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Grant Geyer
‍Chief Product Officer

Grant Geyer oversees Claroty’s product management, engineering, and research organizations, and is responsible for the company’s product strategy and development. He has had a successful career as an operator in the cybersecurity industry for over 20 years.

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Udi Bar Sela
‍Chief Financial Officer

Udi Bar Sela is responsible for all aspects of Claroty’s corporate finance, financial planning, strategic growth planning, and accounting. He has 20 years of financial leadership experience in both public and private technology companies in Israel and the United States.

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Jennifer Leggio
‍Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Leggio is the Chief Marketing Officer at Claroty and an experienced leader and executive with 20 years of marketing, communications, business strategy and operations experience. Prior to Claroty, Jennifer was a Chief Marketing Officer at Flashpoint.

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Yuval Ofir
‍VP Research and Development

Yuval Ofir is the Vice President of Research and Development at Claroty. Prior to joining the company, he was a senior security researcher at KayHut. Yuval brings extensive security research experience from the Israel Defense Force and Gita Technologies.

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Guilad Regev
‍VP Technical Operations

Guilad Regev is the Vice President of Technical Services at Claroty. Prior to joining the company, he was CISO and Vice President of Operations and Product Management at NextNine Cyber Security.

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Colin Blou
‍VP Sales

Colin Blou is the Vice President of Sales at Claroty. Prior to joining the company, he was the Vice President of Sales at Waterfall Security Solutions. At Waterfall, Colin led the North American and European sales teams.

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Emanuel Salmona
‍VP Partnerships

Emanuel is the VP Partners at Claroty, responsible for successfully building and developing tight business relationships with our global strategic partners. Emanuel brings an impressive track record of over 10 years in the Healthcare, High-Tech and Management Consulting sectors.

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Jonathan Shapira
‍VP and General Counsel

Jonathan Shapira is the VP and General Counsel at Claroty, responsible for all company legal functions and global operations. He serves as a legal advisor to the board of directors and senior management on corporate governance, strategic transactions, commercial contracts...

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Amir Preminger
‍VP Research

Amir Preminger is the Vice President of Research at Claroty. He brings over 10 years of cybersecurity experience in a variety of research and managerial roles. Prior to joining the company, Amir spent almost a decade in one of the IDF's elite technological units where he played a key role in the R&D.

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Natalie Katester Boimer
‍Global Director of HR

Natalie Katester Boimer is the Global Director of HR at Claroty. Natalie brings more than a decade of experience in Human Resources, including strong experience in recruiting and career development.

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Board of Directors

Amir Zilberstein
‍Chairman and Co-founder

Amir Zilberstein is the co-founder of Claroty and a pioneer in the OT security market. Prior to Claroty, Amir co-founded Waterfall Security Solutions–a manufacturer of high-end security gateways for the critical infrastructure markets.

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Nadav Zafrir
‍Director, President

Nadav is a Founding Partner at Team8. Previously, Nadav was the Commander of the IDF’s Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA), as well as founder of the IDF Cyber Command.

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Benny Porat
‍Director, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Benny Porat is the Co-founder and CTO of Claroty. Prior to co-founding Claroty, Benny was a security researching at NorthBit. Previously, Benny commanded a strategic research team within an elite cyber unit.

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David Cowan

David Cowan, a partner in Bessemer’s Menlo Park office, launched the firm’s practices in cloud infrastructure, consumer tech, cyber-security and space tech. His historical portfolio includes Ciena, Hotjobs, Blue Nile, LinkedIn, LifeLock, PSI-Net, Qualys...

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Meir Ukeles

Meir is a founding partner at More Ventures. He specialized in energy technology, cybersecurity, infrastructure and finance. Meir represents More Ventures as a board member/observer at Grid4C, Lumos, Claroty, C2A Security, Ception and Panoramic Power.

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Rashmy Chatterjee

Rashmy is the CEO of Ensign Global - a pure play cybersecurity business, founded on the belief that cyber-resilience is core to the success of digital business, and committed to bringing the best talent and capabilities to clients globally.

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Dave DeWalt
‍Board Advisor

Dave DeWalt is a board advisor for Claroty. He is the former Executive Chairman, Chief Executive officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of FireEye, Inc. Dave has more than 20 years in the technology space, holding a series of leadership positions in some of the industry's most innovative and successful companies.

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Admiral (Ret.) Michael S. Rogers
‍Chairman - Board of Advisors

Admiral (Ret.) Michael S. Rogers retired in 2018 from the U.S. Navy after a distinguished 37-year career. In March 2014 he was appointed by President Barack Obama as the 17th Director of the National Security Agency and the 2nd Commander of U.S. Cyber Command.

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