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Vulnerability & Risk Management for Healthcare

Improve your healthcare organization's security with our Vulnerability & Risk Management solution. Identify, prioritize and mitigate potential threats to protect patient data and maintain regulatory compliance.

The Healthcare Vulnerability & Risk Management Challenge

In the connected hospital, the devices HDOs rely on have software vulnerabilities, which brings risk. Here are the challenges that come with tracking vulnerabilities and managing device risk:

Prioritizing Critical Vulnerabilities

It can be difficult to know which vulnerabilities apply to your environment.

Accurate Device Risk Assessment

It can be hard to obtain a complete picture of every device affected by new or emerging threats.

Managing Device Vulnerability Risk

Taking the right course of action to mitigate device vulnerability risk can be a challenge.

How Medigate Tackles the Vulnerability & Risk Management Challenge for Healthcare

Identify Applicable Vulnerabilities

With a complete and detailed report, knowing every device and its associated vulnerability risk becomes a part of your workflow. When a new vulnerability is published, you need to know how much of an impact it has on your environment.

Vulnerability & Risk Management in Healthcare

Customized Risk Framework

Every hospital network is unique, and so is its approach to managing device risk. Using a customized risk scoring framework empowers HDOs to manage their unique environment better.

Device Risk Remediation Guidance

Device cybersecurity depends on a complex set of factors, and it can be hard to know the right action. The next-step recommendations become useful with a ‘context-aware’ set of detail about each device.

Risk framework for Healthcare

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Vulnerability & Risk Management in Healthcare
Risk framework for Healthcare
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