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Vulnerability & Risk Management for Healthcare Environments

Identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation to enable continuous security posture management and compliance.

The Healthcare Vulnerability & Risk Management Challenge

The evolving landscape of connected devices in clinical and non-clinical workflows results in new and often unaddressed vulnerabilities. Challenges that come with assessing vulnerabilities and managing risk include:

Prioritize Critical Vulnerabilities

If assets are not properly identified, It’s difficult to know which vulnerabilities apply to your environment. If HDOs do not prioritize risk based on likelihood and impact of occurrence, the wrong risks may be addressed and prioritized.

Accurate Device Risk Assessment

Pertinent device details missing from inventory records and traditional vulnerability scanning techniques can disrupt patient care and impact outcomes. This makes determining what devices to patch, and how to protect operations a challenge.

Manage Device Vulnerability Risk

A lack of visibility into pertinent device details coupled with possible disruption of patient care by active device scanning makes it difficult for HDOs to understand the attack surface area of their connected devices.

How Medigate Tackles the Vulnerability & Risk Management Challenge for Healthcare

Identification of Vulnerabilities and Impact

By obtaining a complete report of every device on the network and its associated risk, security vulnerabilities can be addressed quickly and efficiently — ensuring critical operations and patient care are uninterrupted.

Customized Risk Framework

A customizable risk scoring framework empowers HDOs to better manage their unique environment by incorporating device attributes, network connectivity, common vulnerabilities and exploits across devices.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Risk simulations compare and assess risk of devices within active context incorporating both the probability of a compromise and the potential severity it could have on your health system.

Device Risk Remediation Guidance

Remediation recommendations provide clinically aware fixes and patches for devices to best address risk, so you can focus resources on the steps designed to protect and optimize device availability.

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