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Device & Lifecycle Management for Healthcare Environments

Connect device data to the CMMS and CMDB to ensure records accuracy, support preventative maintenance, and inform procurement decisions.

The Healthcare Device & Lifecycle Management Challenge

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory and managing a fleet of clinical devices is a manual, time consuming job for device owners. Challenges with device & lifecycle management include:

Inaccurate Inventory & Mismanagement of Devices

Without an accurate inventory, many HDOs struggle to manage day-to-day workflows and make comprehensive device life-cycle decisions. Without proper utilization and management of devices, HDOs incur a significantly higher cost of delivering care.

Inefficient Preventative Maintenance

HDOs can't rely on manual data entry to track required preventative maintenance and ensure every device remains compliant. Without a single source of truth, data discrepancies hinder operational inefficiencies for clinical engineering teams to perform their most critical work.

Manual Data Entry to Update the CMMS

Manual data collection methods to maintain accuracy and inform decision-making every time an update is needed is inefficient. This does not support the real-time connected health model that HDOs want.

How The Medigate Platform Tackles the Device & Lifecycle Management Challenge

Accurate Location, Utilization, & Inventory

The Medigate platform delivers advanced details about device location and utilization rates, giving HDOs the information they need to plan operations accordingly. HDOs can enhance the quality of care and properly adjust to fluctuating demand.

Actionable Recommendations & Automated Workflows

Provide teams with digested recommendations for efficiency improvement and ROI optimization to understand clinical context and workflows. This depth of knowledge helps prioritize the most critical actions for device management.

Dynamic, Real-Time Data

Gain access to device data, consolidate inventory records and receive contextual information on each asset's potential risk to prioritize actions that maximize the operational value of device inventory.

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