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Vulnerability & Risk Management for Commercial Environments

Protect your assets and ensure operational continuity with our advanced vulnerability & risk management for commercial environments.

The Commercial Vulnerability & Risk Management Challenge

Legacy systems are commonplace in commercial environments, making them prone to vulnerabilities and risks that can be tough to manage. Here’s why:

Asset Visibility is often Minimal 

Commercial assets use protocols that are largely invisible to standard security tools. If you can’t identify an asset, you definitely can’t manage its vulnerabilities and risks.

Context Gaps Hinder Prioritization

Finding a vulnerability isn’t enough. You also need to assess the affected asset’s context and potential impact on your operations to prioritize and remediate the risk.

Vulnerability Scanners are Unsafe

Commercial environments and the assets that underpin them are uniquely fragile and cannot tolerate the traffic generated by standard vulnerability scanners.

Patching is Rarely Permitted

Most commercial environments have no tolerance for downtime, so maintenance windows (and, as a result, patching) occur rarely, no matter the vulnerability or risk.

How Claroty Tackles the Commercial Vulnerability & Risk Management Challenge

Discovers, Enriches, and Correlates Your Assets 

After discovering all XIoT assets in your environment, Claroty enriches them with more than 90 attributes: from vendor and model, to firmware and rackslot. Each asset’s attributes are then correlated against our database of CVEs, misconfigurations, findings from our acclaimed Team82 researchers, and other flaws. Contextualized alerts flag new vulnerabilities, and false positives are filtered out so you can focus on what matters most.

Optimizes Prioritization with Custom Risk Scoring

Your operational environment is unique, and your approach to managing the risks facing your operations should reflect that. Claroty’s risk scoring framework not only empowers you to easily understand the risk each vulnerability poses to your environment and how to prioritize your remediation efforts accordingly — but it is also fully customizable and forecastable, enabling you to model and refine your risk scoring based on your needs.

Safely Eliminates Risk Blindspots with Integrations

The vulnerability scanning tools used widely in IT environments are incompatible and even dangerous to use in operational environments. This deprives IT security teams of visibility into IT risks that may be present in commercial environments. Recognizing the need to safely uncover these risk blindspots, Claroty integrates with various third-party vulnerability tools that arm IT and commercial practitioners alike with enterprise-wide visibility into their risk posture without endangering operations.

Drives Actions to Enhance Your Risk Posture

Since maintenance windows in which patching is permitted tend to be exceedingly rare, minimizing risks posed by vulnerabilities in your commercial environment requires being able to identify — and implement — the right compensating controls. Aside from including expert-defined remediation guidance with all alerts, Claroty also delivers strategic insight into your risk posture, recommendations for strengthening it, and KPIs to track the efficacy of your risk management program.

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