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Comprehensive IT-OT Convergence from Platform to Brand

Jennifer Leggio
/ July 1st, 2020
Comprehensive IT-OT Convergence from Platform to Brand

Convergence has been at the heart of Claroty's mission since day one. Diverse ideas and perspectives converge with research, innovation, and feedback to conceive and shape our products. Those products enable our customers to converge their disparate operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) environments, tools, and functions in a manner that is safe, secure, efficient, and beneficial.

In other words, convergence both drives and emerges from so much of what we do at Claroty—and this is why I'm elated to share that convergence is now embodied by the Claroty brand more clearly and boldly than ever before. You may have noticed that Claroty has a new look, so I'd like to take this opportunity to share what motivated this new branding, how it reflects convergence, and what it means for the company.

One of the most prominent aspects of the new Claroty brand is the kaleidoscope motif you see throughout our site. We selected this motif to embody convergence, and here's why: Just as convergence entails the intersection and unification of various components, a kaleidoscope comprises different shapes and images that work together to form — or converge into — a central focal point. At Claroty, this central focal point is our mission to empower our customers, partners, and community to protect the critical infrastructure that underpins our society.

Much like how the inner workings of a kaleidoscope must frequently and quickly change to reflect the positions of moving particles, we must constantly ensure that each of the robust products comprising The Claroty Platform adapts to our customers' changing needs.

And in recent years, such needs have been heavily driven by widespread digitization initiatives that create or expand connectivity between an enterprise's once-isolated OT environment and its IT counterpart. These conditions produce converged IT-OT networks that IT security teams are increasingly responsible for protecting. But since the OT environments within these networks are typically incompatible with IT security tools, they are also largely invisible to IT security teams. This creates a gap between these teams' capabilities and the requirements for effective security.

Seamlessly bridging this gap is what sets The Claroty Platform apart. Indeed, raising awareness of this differentiator and the challenges it tackles for our customers has always been important to us, which is another reason why we chose the kaleidoscope motif for the new Claroty brand.

The subtle whitespace you see between certain elements of the kaleidoscope depicts the myriad ways in which OT and IT functions, priorities, tools, and personnel in an enterprise have historically been siloed from one another. Where this whitespace ends and the kaleidoscope's bright colors come together represents The Claroty Platform and how — by enabling our customers to easily extend their existing security controls to their OT environments — it minimizes or, often, eliminates those silos and the challenges and risks they facilitate. It also allows for a consolidated governance process across both IT and OT and therefore provides a more comprehensive way to measure risk across the whole enterprise.

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for Claroty — but I would be remiss in not acknowledging that our new brand isn't solely fueled by our desire to highlight convergence. Rather than conveying a dark and tenuous security environment, which our old brand did, we wanted to show the positivity of opportunity for companies to extend core security controls to OT through a comprehensive platform that fully integrates with their existing security tech stack. And, of course, we also wanted to make it easier for our customers, partners, and anyone interested in Claroty, to find the information that they need.

I am extremely excited about this new chapter in visual identity for Claroty, our ability to support some of the most notable brands in the world, and working with my team and across the organization to help further educate the market on this critical IT-OT convergence.

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