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Collection Method Overview

As one of Claroty’s five collection methods, Claroty Edge supports XIoT asset discovery and other commercial cybersecurity use cases by using our patented technology to deliver full visibility into industrial environments in just minutes.

About Claroty Edge

Claroty Edge is a first-of-its-kind collection method that provides truly unmatched visibility into industrial environments in minutes with no additional hardware, no configuration, and no risk of disruption.

Designed for ease and flexibility, Claroty Edge combines effortlessly with our other collection methods to reflect two core tenets of our industrial cybersecurity portfolio:

First, Claroty recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all path to asset discovery because each customer, environment, and cybersecurity journey is unique.

Second, we also recognize that achieving truly complete, real-time visibility into any commercial environment almost always requires leveraging not only Claroty Edge or any other singular collection method but a combination of multiple methods. This limitation isn't a weakness of our technology — it’s a vendor-agnostic reality of collection itself.

It’s also why Claroty is proud to be the only vendor to offer a whopping five highly flexible, mix-and-match collection methods designed to empower you to gain full visibility into all XIoT assets in your commercial environment, your way.

Key Benefits of Claroty Edge

As a highly differentiated and unique innovation in the worlds of XIoT asset discovery and commercial cybersecurity, Claroty Edge offers customers various distinct benefits. Specifically, this collection method:

Builds the foundation for cybersecurity maturity

The in-depth XIoT asset, risk, and exposure details Edge provides is foundational to all other phases of your cybersecurity maturity journey.

Supports multi-disciplinary use cases

The speed and ease with which Edge operates makes it suitable to support a range of multidisciplinary use cases: from incident response, to audits, to M&A due-diligence.

Requires zero network changes or hardware

Since Edge leverages your existing infrastructure and is safe and compatible with all environments, you won’t need to purchase hardware or make changes to utilize it.

Offers unmatched time-to-value

Five to ten minutes is the average amount of time it takes to deploy, run, and gain full visibility into all assets, risks, and exposures in your environment with Edge.

Top Use Cases Supported by Claroty Edge

The deep, rapid visibility provided by Claroty Edge empowers customers with a strong foundation for the full range of use cases across their entire commercial cybersecurity journey. Key use cases supported by this collection method include:

Asset Discovery

Claroty Edge enables you to gain complete, near instant visibility into all managed and unmanaged XIoT assets within your operational environment, creating a strong foundation for effective commercial cybersecurity and the ability to support a broad range of related capabilities such as risk management, audit and compliance reporting, M&A due diligence, and incident response.

Exposure Management

Easily identify and manage exposures–such as missing patches, asset end-of-life indicators, and CVEs–affecting your managed and unmanaged assets. All exposures are automatically evaluated and scored based on the risks they pose to your network, enabling more efficient and effective remediation efforts.

Audit, Compliance, & Due Diligence

Easily, quickly, and effectively support audit requests and report compliance for your commercial network, resulting in greater confidence in your reporting, a reduced risk of failed audits, and stronger compliance and overall security posture.

Incident Response

Immediately arm responders with a full inventory and risk and vulnerability assessment of the compromised environment, thereby optimizing incident response efforts including impact assessments, scoping, and forensics for commercial networks.

Our Commercial Products that offer Claroty Edge

Claroty xDome

Claroty xDome is a highly flexible, modular, SaaS-based platform that supports all use cases and capabilities across your entire commercial cybersecurity journey.

Claroty CTD

Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) is a robust commercial cybersecurity platform that supports on-premise deployments without compromise.

Learn about our other Collection Methods

Claroty Edge is only one of the five highly flexible, mix-and-match collection methods that we offer our commercial cybersecurity customers. Our others include:

Passive Monitoring

Claroty’s unique approach to Passive Monitoring, the most common collection method for commercial asset discovery and anomaly detection, offers continuous visibility with cybersecurity and operational monitoring across OT environments.

Safe Queries

Safe Queries, which are Claroty’s differentiated approach to active scans, send highly targeted queries to segments of the OT environment to identify and enrich the assets present — all with unmatched precision and no risk of disruption.

Project File Analysis

Pioneered by Claroty, project file analysis discovers and enriches assets in a rapid, highly effective, non-intrusive manner by parsing the configuration and other project files typically stored on workstations in OT environments.

Ecosystem Enrichment

Claroty’s vast technical ecosystem includes ready-made integrations with CMDB, EDR, and dozens of other tools that extend the value of customers’ existing investments while enhancing the visibility provided by our other collection methods.

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