New Research: Securing Network Management Systems: Nagios XI

Team82's latest research examines the security of network management systems. We start with Nagios XI, where 11 vulnerabilities were disclosed and patched. Some of these flaws could be chained to gain root access and remote code execution.

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Introducing Team82

Team82’s innovative research into ICS vulnerabilities and OT protocols has elevated Claroty’s research team as leaders in the field.

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Team82 is the leading industrial cybersecurity research team doing vulnerability research for industrial control systems and operational technology networks. Track the latest ICS and OT vulnerabilities here.

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TEAM82 Research Reports

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Researcher Bios

Amir Preminger
‍VP of Research

Amir Preminger is the Vice President of Research at Claroty. He brings over 10 years of cybersecurity experience in a variety of research and managerial roles. Prior to joining the company, Amir spent almost a decade in one of the IDF's elite technological units where he played a key role in the research and development of advanced Cyber Solutions across multidisciplinary domains. Amir was directly involved in a number projects that won the prestigious Israel Defense Award. Amir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafo.

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Sharon Brizinov
‍Principal Vulnerability Researcher

Sharon Brizinov is principal vulnerability researcher and team lead, responsible for finding new attack vectors in industrial control systems and operational technology devices and protocols. Sharon has more than seven years of experience with network security, malware research and information security data analysis.

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Team82 Coordinated Disclosure Policy

Team82 is committed to privately reporting vulnerabilities to affected vendors in a coordinated, timely manner in order to ensure the safety of the industrial cybersecurity ecosystem worldwide. To engage with the vendor and research community, Team82 invites you to download and share our Coordinated Disclosure Policy. Team82 will adhere to this reporting and disclosure process when we discover vulnerabilities in products and services.


Public PGP Key

Team82 has also made its public PGP Key available for the vendor and research community to securely and safely exchange vulnerability and research information with us.